The murder of Abraham Wiebe: Where is Enrique Harms Today?

Enrique Harms
Enrique Harms

Abraham Wiebe’s murder in 1999 brought a horrific event to the otherwise tranquil Oklahoman community of Thomas. It’s interesting to note that Wiebe was a Mennonite who the police had hired as an informant because they believed some of his community members were involved in drug trafficking. Murder in Amish Country: The Mennonite Mob on Investigation Discovery details the killing and Wiebe’s family’s reaction to it.  What happened to Enrique Harms after the murder of Abraham Wiebe? To discover more, let’s go further into the specifics surrounding the incident.

What Caused the Death of Abraham Wiebe?

Mennonite Abraham Wiebe led a peaceful life in Thomas, Oklahoma. Despite having no significant criminal history, the episode mentioned that he had previously been arrested for drunk driving and driving without a licence. However, many who knew him said he was a kind and vivacious person who got along well with everyone and was very close to his family. Wiebe was a happily married farmhand at the time of his murder. He and his wife were also proud parents of two kids, and they anticipated a bright future for their family. It’s interesting to note that the episode depicted Wiebe being pulled over for driving without a licence back in February 1999.

Mennonite Abraham Wiebe
Mennonite Abraham Wiebe

To make up for his error, he offered the police his assistance and said he could aid in the capture of the drug cartel. Authorities later discovered the Mennonite drug trade’s connections to Canada and Mexico thanks to Wiebe. However, the farmhand was always in danger, so Wiebe and his family made the decision to relocate to Mexico before drug enforcement officials could get him to safety. Unfortunately, his vacation in Mexico was not at all enjoyable because he vanished into thin air and was never heard from again within a few days.

Who murdered Abraham Wiebe?

When authorities and narcotics agents realised that Wiebe had vanished in Mexico, they thought that a Mennonite drug cartel was responsible. Law enforcement officials’ suspicions were increased when they learned that Wiebe was fairly open about his involvement in the cocaine bust. Despite the fact that Wiebe’s body was never found, the police quickly established that he had been slain and started investigating the individuals in charge of the Oklahoma drug ring. The show claims that investigators found evidence that the Harms family was responsible for introducing the drug trade to Oklahoma. However, according to sources, Abraham Harms, the family patriarch, fled to Mexico in 1989 after being accused of bringing drugs into Canada.

 the Mennonite community of Buenos Aires in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua

The programme even indicated that Abraham’s son, Enrique, had total command of all activities at the time of Wiebe’s murder. After the murder, Wiebe’s wife and kids went back to the United States and gradually reintegrated into their neighbourhood. On the other hand, agents successfully carried out a significant drug bust in Oklahoma, where they made over a dozen arrests and seized a significant amount of drugs, based on the information the victim supplied. Enrique was completely beyond of reach of American police at the time because he was living in Mexico, therefore Wiebe’s killers were never apprehended.

What happened to Enrique Harms?

Enrique was never held accountable for the death of Abraham Wiebe, and numerous accounts assert that he carried on with his drug trafficking activities. He was ultimately accused of trafficking massive amounts of drugs into and out of the United States in 2017 after being indicted by a grand jury. Although Enrique Harms’ father, Abraham Harms, was murdered by a kidnapper on June 24, 2019, in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico, Enrique is still wanted by American authorities, and it is unknown where he is right now.