Where Is ‘From’ (2022) Filmed? All Filming Locations

'From' (2022) Filming locations

‘From’ (2022) Filming Locations – Harold Perrineau stars in “From,” an enthralling tale centred around an enchanting village that inexplicably ensnares anyone who dares to approach. Critics of Rotten Tomatoes have awarded this gripping show with an outstanding 98% approval rating!

In this science fiction series, we are introduced to a small town situated deep within the United States, whose inhabitants have been held captive since childhood. Desperate to return home and rejoin society, their quest poses many obstacles, including dangerous creatures invading nearby forest areas.

“From” may strike a chord with viewers as the unnerving concept explored is drawn from Jack Bender, an executive producer renowned for his work on Lost, where Perrineau showcased his abilities.

Curiosity surrounds the development of this disturbing community and the filming location for “From.” Let’s investigate more details by reading further in the following paragraphs.

Where Is 'From' (2022) Filmed

Where was “From” Filmed (2022)?

“From” was shot in Halifax’s Sackville and Beaverbank neighbourhoods of Nova Scotia. Kevin Lewis, the head of the show’s scenic department, revealed during a 2021 interview on CBC Radio’s Information Morning Nova Scotia that an entire village set was meticulously assembled near Beaver Bank, with ten buildings designed specifically for interior and exterior shots.

Kevin Lewis expressed his amazement at how quickly and convincingly the village came alive, noting, “It’s absolutely astounding how quickly everything came up and how convincingly believable it all seems if you drive through.” Kevin commented, “It looks just like any town.”

Historical information available through IMDb shows that during the 1950s and 1960s, Beaver Bank Villa provided housing for individuals employed at a nearby military installation. Unfortunately, in 2004, this entire neighbourhood, which included schools, churches, convenience stores, and homes, was dismantled.

Oakfield Provincial Park in Nova Scotia also served as a filming location for several episodes of this series.

“From” made its premiere on Epix in 2022 and on MGM+ on April 25 of this year. Production for its highly anticipated third season is already well underway.

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