Errol Lindsey Murder Case: How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Him?

Errol Lindsey Murder

Errol Lindsey Murder: How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Errol Lindsey? – The terrifying narrative of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s reign of terror is depicted in the Netflix documentary “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” While Jeffrey committed his first murder in 1978, he harassed Ohio and Wisconsin residents for 13 years before being apprehended in July 1991. Furthermore, although none of Jeffrey’s early victims have been found, he has been observed keeping body parts from his more recent killings and occasionally even eating human flesh.

According to experts, Jeffrey’s need to control his partner drove him to drill holes in the heads of his victims and inject them with acid to keep them in a vegetative condition. The first victim of Jeffrey’s drilling method was Errol Lindsey, and if you’re interested in learning more about the horrific murder, keep reading.

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How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Errol Lindsey

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Kill Errol Lindsey?

Errol Lindsey, who was only 19 years old and lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was killed. People who knew him characterized him as an honorable and kind person who enjoyed making new acquaintances and giving to others. Errol was quite well-liked by his friends and devoted to his mother and sister. Errol was reportedly sent on a task to have a key made on the day of his murder, but as luck would have it, he soon came into contact with Jeffrey.

When Errol Lindsey and Jeffrey crossed paths on April 7, 1991, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jeffrey decided to bring Lindsey back to the flat immediately. Errol, who was straight and had no sexual interest in Jeffrey, contrasted with most of the killer’s victims. But right there and then, Jeffrey made a friend of him, enchanted Errol with his words, and invited him in for a beverage. After Errol entered the flat, Jeffrey injected him with drugs and used delicate power equipment to drill a hole in his brain carefully. He then took some hydrochloric acid and dumped it into the hole to paralyze the sufferer.

Jeffrey stated that all he wanted was for these men to stay with him when he was later questioned about his behavior. But he dreamed of a lover who would have no will of his own, who would be entirely obedient and unresisting. According to Jeffrey, the ideal relationship would be one in which he could exert control over the other without worrying about their well-being.

However, this was the first time the drilling method had failed, and Errol soon came to. He reportedly got up, claiming he had a headache and asked for some water. Jeffrey then allegedly drugged him once more. The serial killer, however, decided not to take any chances this time and strangled the 19-year-old to death.

Later, before flaring Errol’s body, he beheaded him, cleaned his skull, and kept it for his own collection. According to rumors, Jeffrey wanted to keep Errol’s skin in his collection forever, but when it became brittle, he was forced to discard it. In addition, Errol’s flesh was acid-dissolved, and his bones were crushed and thrown away. In any case, Errol’s skull was discovered and recognized by the police using dental data after Jeffrey was detained in July 1991.

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