Is Accused Season 1 Episode 2 Ava’s Story Based on a True Event?

Accused Season 1 Episode 2 Ava's Story True Story

Is Accused Episode 2 Ava’s Story Based on a True Story? – Accused,” a new crime drama on FOX, is based on a BBC show of the same name that won an award and was written by Jimmy McGovern. Each episode can be watched independently, with a new cast and storyline that deals with what happens after a crime and the moral questions that come up because of it.

Jenny (Megan Boone) and Max (Aaron Ashmore), who just had a baby, find out that their child is deaf in the second episode, which is called “Ava’s story” and is directed by Marlee Matlin. Even though Ava (Stephanie Nogueras), the surrogate who carried their child and is also deaf can’t hear or speak, she still feels close to the child. Jenny gave birth to a child when she was only a teenager, so her boyfriend KJ (Joshua Castille) worries that she may have postpartum depression.

Jenny gave up her baby for adoption after she had the baby. Ava thinks it’s wrong to put a cochlear implant in a child without first getting the child’s permission, which she finds out when she goes to see the parents. Max has strongly supported getting a cochlear implant for the baby girl. She thinks that they shouldn’t try to fix the girl’s deafness with surgery but should instead accept her for who she is.

When Jenny and Max’s argument gets really bad, Ava does the one thing she thinks is her only chance to keep their child safe. This episode raises a lot of essential questions. If you want to know if the second episode is based on a true story, keep reading below to get your answer.

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Accused Season 1 Episode 2 Ava's Story Based on true event

Is “Ava’s Story,” Based on a Real Story?

Yes, in Episode 2 of “Accused,” The story behind Ava’s Story really happened. The irony is that Gordon’s first idea was just a surrogacy episode based on a true story he read about a baby born with Down syndrome. The idea for the deaf surrogate came from Maile Meloy, a short story writer and friend of Gordon’s whom he told about the show at a party. Meloy had been taking American Sign Language (ASL) classes because she plays a deaf character on the Netflix show “Society.” Even though the show was canceled because of the flu, she kept studying ASL and learning about Deaf culture.

Meloy had also just finished reading “Far From the Tree” by Andrew Solomon, which talks about how children’s personalities don’t always turn out like their parents. Meloy knew that Solomon’s writing about how scientific progress was outpacing the morals of the time could also be used to talk about deafness. 

Matlin was brought in when the outline was being made, and he went through all of the draughts. Even before they started filming, Meloy had faith in Matlin’s skills. Crime stories have always been popular on TV, whether they are network procedurals or the never-ending stream of true-crime documentaries and “inspired by real-life events” streaming shows. 

The Fox anthology series “Accused” has everything it needs to be a long-running hit, from its great producers to its exciting premise to its great guest stars and episode directors.

You can stream Accused Episodes on FOX and Peacock TV.

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