Are Jazz Jennings’ Parents Jeanette and Greg From ‘I Am Jazz’ Still Together?

Are Jeanette and Greg From I Am Jazz Still Together

Are Jeanette and Greg From ‘I Am Jazz’ Still Together? – Jazz Jennings, star of the TLC reality show “I Am Jazz,” appears to have wonderful parents, but I wonder if they are still together. In 2015, Greg and Jeanette Jennings began making regular appearances on their daughter’s talk show. Nonetheless, ever since Jazz was a young child (she was only 6 at the time), she and her family have been regulars on the small screen.

I Am Jazz, which premiered in 2015, is a documentary about the life of Jazz Jennings, a transgender woman who came to terms with her identity at the age of 2.

She even inquired as to when the fairy who would transform her from a boy to a girl would arrive. With her fresh take on everything from friendship to dating to school, she makes it clear to transgender viewers that they are not alone in their experiences. The show examines and analyses a great deal of Jazz’s life, including the relationship that she maintains with her parents and other family members. Do her parents really seem to be splitting up?

Are Jeannette and Greg Still Together or Are They Getting Divorced?

Greg and Jeanette have updated their fans on their marriage even though they don’t use social media as frequently as their reality TV star daughter. Greg posted a cute photo of him and Jeanette at the beach in April of 2022.

Sundaes and fudge with my honey!” he wrote in the Instagram photo’s caption.

Jazz has also shown the public a side of her parents’ relationship that they didn’t see on the show. Her parents’ wedding anniversary was in August of 2021, and she posted about it on YouTube.

After becoming the stars of a massively successful TLC show, they were thrust into the limelight when Jazz was only six years old. Although Jazz is the focus of the show, the focus has always been on her family, including her siblings, grandparents, and parents.

In Episode 3 of Season 7 of I Am Jazz, it appears that Jeanette and Greg are doing just fine. Jazz posted a congratulated Instagram photo on their anniversary in August of 2021, so it’s safe to assume they’re still together and not divorcing. Jazz recapped the photo by writing, “Happy anniversary, mom and dad! I admire and am motivated by your love for one another constantly. The two of you are the best. Their show and social media would make us believe that their marriage is doing well.

What Are Jazz Jennings’ Parents’ Real Names?

Jeanette and Greg became well-known after their 6-year-old daughter made appearances on talk shows like The Rosie O’Donnell Show and 20/20. Jazz opened up about her experiences as a transgender kid on both of those shows. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings used the aliases Renee and Scott at this time.

But after their TLC show premiered in 2015, the couple began going by their given names of Greg and Jeanette. After seven seasons, however, we still don’t know the Jennings’ official surname.

Jeanette previously discussed the couple’s motivation for “trying to hide [their] real last name as much as possible” in an interview with The Miami Herald.

Ours is an exceptionally lengthy and Jewish surname. ‘At this point, it’s much simpler for us,’ Jazz’s mom said. Jazz Jennings is the name commonly used to refer to her. In regards to the TV show, they will not reveal our location. The show will not use our real surname in any way.

What Are Greg and Jeanette’s Profession?

These two doting parents are active community members and co-founders of the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation. Greg revealed that he and Jeanette had always been there for their transgender daughter Jazz.

He had previously told ABC News, “Jeanette and I are in 100% agreement on how we should raise Jazz.” Rather than urging, we offer our full backing. So far, we’ve done nothing but listen to what she has to say. As a rule, I like to consider myself to be on the front lines. I am putting out the flames before they can harm Jazz, so she is safe from neglect. If I can help pave the way for transgender children, she and others like her will have a better future. They didn’t choose to be born with these conditions.

In addition to his work with the foundation, Greg is an attorney who helps people with their wills and trusts.

I Am Jazz returns to TLC for a brand new season on Tuesday, January 24, at 10 p.m. ET.

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