Is Netflix’s Narvik Based on a True Story?

Narvik Hitler's First Defeat netflix Review

Is Narvik Based on a True Story? – With assistance from Great Britain and France, the Norwegian army overcame Germany to retake Narvik, albeit for a short time, in the Netflix film “Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat.” Norway had proclaimed its neutrality throughout World War II, but it went unheeded. Trains carried the iron ore from Sweden that the Germans had purchased for manufacturing weapons to Narvik, where it was then transported by ship to Germany. It became critical for Great Britain to stop the German ships before they could take the ore from the port.

They were certain that would make their adversary weaker. Norway was included in the chaos when the rival nations began attacking one another’s ships. When the Germans invaded Norway, the troops there lacked enough weapons. They sought to fight the Germans by halting iron ore flow because they lacked advanced machine guns as the Germans.

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What Is the Story of the Movie “Narvik”?

Corporel Gunnar Tofte eagerly anticipated returning to Narvik to observe his son’s birthday. Upon his return, he was informed that all of the leaves had been canceled and that he should report to the base. Disappointed, Gunnar tried to persuade Major Sigurd Omdal to let him go back to his house. He was permitted to go, but only if he returned to the base by midnight. Gunnar felt joyous. He gave his pals his possessions before leaving with a present for his home.

Ingrid, his wife, was the hotel’s staff member and translator. She provided translation for the German delegation at the meeting called by the mayor of Narvik. He requested that Germany and Great Britain recognize Norway’s decision to remain neutral. Ingrid glanced over at the speech the mayor was translating and saw her husband. When the conference was over, she hurried to the kitchen because she couldn’t contain her joy. Ingrid was relieved to see Gunnar again, and even though he had to leave before midnight, she felt better knowing he would be there.

Gunnar discovered his small kid playing with his grandfather in the hotel’s backyard; their house was just beyond. Little Ole was delighted to see a toy train, and his father was glad to see him safely arrive home. Ole’s toy railway needed a small town, so Gunnar assisted Ole while Ingrid was at the hotel working. After sharing a passionate kiss, Gunnar and Ingrid awoke to the sound of explosions. When Gunnar arrived at the base, he was informed that the Germans had begun to occupy the town. At Major Omdal’s orders, the Norwegian soldiers stopped attacking the German forces. Knowing that engaging with them would result in a huge carnage, he chose not to do so. Instead, he instructed his troops to follow him as he mapped out an operation to successfully drive the Germans from Narvik.

In the meantime, Ingrid kept her composure while working. She had good reason to despise the Germans, but she persisted in being hospitable to them. She felt it was her duty to attend to the hotel’s visitors. She helped the English delegates leave safely while keeping good contact with the Germans. She asked them to hide in the forest cabin because she could not offer to let them remain at her home. She wanted to play her role in aiding the Englishmen since she was aware that they could help their nation defeat Germany. She decided to flee Norway with her kid since things were getting out of control. Aslak assisted them in getting on a train to Sweden securely. Gunnar didn’t realize that his own family would be passing via the Nordal bridge while he was planning to bomb the railroad bridge.

Narvik Hitler's First Defeat netflix

Is Netflix’s Narvik a True Story?

The story of Narvik is told through the eyes of fictitious characters. Christopher Grndahl re-creates the Battle of Narvik, where the Allies and the Norwegian army fought the Germans, eventually driving them back to Sweden during World War II. While the story itself is fictional, it is inspired by the real-life experience of civilians in Narvik who were caught in the crossfire between the Germans and the Allies during World War II.

Before the story even begins, title cards establish Narvik’s significance to the opposing armies. To construct bombs, machine guns, and other lethal weapons, iron ore was an indispensable resource during World War II. Both the British and the Germans desired it because of the advantage it would give them in a decisive battle. To transport ore from Kiruna, Sweden, Narvik played a crucial role.

On April 9, 1940, German forces invaded Norway despite the country’s neutrality and occupied Narvik. While waiting for reinforcements from the British, French, and Polish, the Norwegians held their ground. This was the first time that all four armies had fought together. On May 28, 1940, they were able to drive out the Germans. The first German soldier’s armour was pierced by this victory, raising Allied spirits and allowing them to push forward. Norway was only able to enjoy the festivities for a short time despite this.

The film depicts the rapid withdrawal of French and British troops and their redeployment to France as the fighting there intensified. There was no way for the Norwegians to defend themselves, and the Germans would be able to take revenge. With a few well-placed blasts, they obliterated the city of Narvik. The Norwegians gave up and let Germany occupy their country on June 10, 1940.

Is Netflix’s Narvik a True Story

One of Norway’s most expensive documentaries, “Narvik,” was made to bring awareness to these conflicts during World War II. The production company invested 77,000,000 Norwegian Kroners into this film and was dedicated to telling this story. It took more than three years for the show’s producer, Aage Aaberge, to secure the necessary funding. He planned to produce a show that would analyze the significance of minor victories like the one in Narvik within the context of the overall war effort.

Actors were tasked with convincingly portraying civilians who found themselves in the middle of a war. This was challenging for everyone. The actress playing Ingrid Tofte, Kristine Hartgen, has revealed that her grandmother is from Narvik. Kristine Hartgen talked at length with one of her grandmothers about life in Narvik at the time. She said that we need to “put ourselves in their position and experience the world through their eyes,” she said.

What it must have been like for her when the massive global war machine arrived in her small fishing village in Northern Norway is beyond my comprehension,” Hartgen said. Other cast members also made significant efforts to realise their characters fully. Taking into account all of this, the film presents an authentic chain of events to the audience despite relying on fiction to tell the story.

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