‘Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat’ Ending, Explained: Do Gunnar And Ingrid Survive?

Netflix’s Narvik ending explained

‘Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat’ Ending, Explained – The latest installment in Netflix’s military drama canon is Erik Skjoldbjaerg’s movie Narvik.” The story takes place in Narvik, a small village in northern Norway, in the year 1940 and centers on a family and their struggles during that year. This film Narvik directed by Erik Skjoldbjaerg and is currently available on Netflix and has its Norwegian premiere on December 25, 2022.

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“Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat” Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Early on, we learn about Narvik’s history during World War II. Norway was neutral during the European war between the Axis and the Allies. Due to its abundance of iron ore, the little town of Narvik became neutrally important to both Great Britain and Nazi Germany. With the introduction of Narvik’s iron ore as a liability, German and British warships carrying the ore passed each other without incident. On the same day, the neutrality force of Norwegian soldiers sent to Narvik was breached. Given the strategic importance of Narvik to both sides, the Norwegian military arrived to protect the city. If a permanent army existed, the warring parties might see that Norway was no longer in danger.

Netflix’s Narvik Story About

When the troops finally make it to Narvik, Gunnar asks for a day off, despite most of them being told their leaves are canceled. Gunnar’s father gives him the day off to celebrate his son’s birthday and spend the few hours he needs with him. The departure of Gunnar. His elder realizes that Gunnar may never see his child again if Norway is defeated in this conflict. Gunnar stops by Ingrid’s place of employment as a waitress and interpreter for English diplomats in town so that he may talk about iron ore distribution with his German coworkers. Ole brings joy to Ingrid and Gunnar.

Gunnar’s father, a diligent worker, takes care of Ole as Gunnar is growing up. Although Gunnar enjoys his time with Ingrid, he must report back to base shortly. The ages increase. Gunnar and Ingrid will eventually reconnect after being apart for quite some time. Many Norwegian sailors perished when Gunnar returned to his base camp to find their ships had been bombed and the navy ship had been sunk. As they advance toward the coast, the base army—including Gunnar without weapons—observes that the German force surrounds them. Gunnar’s commander hands up the soldiers so that Germany can annexe Narvik. Gunnar and his companions are taken aback to witness their fearless captain surrender weapons to aid Germany in their victory against England.

Residents learned at dawn that the Germans had invaded Narvik and that SS officers were seeking English officials who had traveled there to negotiate the sale of iron ore to Germany and Norway. The hotel administration is urged to remain with Ingrid as an employee. Ingrid interprets for Konsul Fritz Wussow in German as she assists the English team in checking out of the hotel. Although Ingrid is rooting for the German team, her father-in-law is against it.

Netflix’s Narvik Ending

“Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat” Ending, Explained: Do Gunnar And Ingrid Survive The Battle To Save Narvik?

The Norwegian firm owned by Major Omdal intended to destroy the Nordal bridge. Destroying the railroad that transported Swedish iron ore to Narvik was our only hope of stopping the Germans from seizing the city. Gunnar was tasked with locating the dynamite while working on the Ofoten lines. Find the dynamite to blow up the bridge. He told Gunnar that Ingrid and Ole were on a train that would pass the bridge and begged Aslak for assistance in locating the dynamite.

Gunnar hesitated to act after obtaining the information. Among the bystanders, he spotted were Ingrid and Ole. He found out the Norwegians were forced to leave the train and walk the remainder of the way because of the Germans. While Gunnar finished up his task, he suggested that Ingrid and Ole use the tunnel to cross the border. It was the bridge he dynamited. Gunnar could not flee when the Germans started firing, and the bombs exploded. He raced off the bridge into the snow but was caught by the Germans. Gunnar wasn’t sure the bridge should be blown up, but the soldiers did it anyway.

Ingrid and Ole were returned to their house by German soldiers. Ingrid used her fluency in another language to make friends with her adversaries. Consul Wessow personally phoned her to translate during his meeting with the mayor. The Germans assumed the English wouldn’t enter once they invaded Narvik. Despite his fears for his people, the Germans insisted that the mayor maintain the town running. After the mayor and the German authorities left, Consul Wessow asked Ingrid what was wrong.

After the bridge was blown, the Germans captured her husband. Wessow committed to telling the director how crucial Ingrid’s participation was. Despite her German frailties, Ingrid still met with the English consul. The English consul sought Ingrid’s relationship with the German consul to obtain the town’s German artillery position charts. Germany’s defense preparations necessitated it. Ingrid was temporarily living abroad. As a wife and mother, she was willing to do whatever it took to secure their safety, including courting favor with both sides. Even though she discovered the maps, the English had already destroyed the German fleets.

The town and her loved ones took refuge in the shaft. After her shift, she went to the hotel to inquire about Gunnar with Consul Wessow. Because of the fleet attack, he now refuses to assist her. Ingrid was willing to risk her life for the maps for other, more personal reasons. She handed the charts over to the Englishmen. The English tended to appreciate her guts. When she came back, the city had been bombed. The fire destroyed her home. A bomb exploded and killed Aslak. When Ingrid located her child amidst the ruins, she was relieved to bring him to the tunnel.

The northern French and southern Polish forces weakened the Germans. The French and Gunnar’s allies murdered the Germans who captured Gunnar. Even though the death of his son had shaken him, he still felt a strong bond with his business. He was homesick and wanted nothing more than to get back to Narvik. Ingrid and Ole were living in the tunnel. Since the Germans were aware that a third party had provided intelligence, Wessow searched for the British consul.

He claimed that the only way to prevent Narvik from destroying the country was to deport the English. The wound from the bomb that Ole had taken still hadn’t completely healed. When Ole’s temperature spiked dangerously high, and he stopped responding, Ingrid brought him to the hotel to meet with the German consul. Since several wounded German soldiers already needed him, he decided against calling for medical assistance. For the sake of her relationship with the English consul, Ingrid decided to tell him where she was. The operation was successful, and Ole is doing well. To protect Ole, Ingrid betrays her people. Everyone in Narvik hated her.

Is Netflix’s Narvik a True Story

As French and Norwegian soldiers retook Narvik, Gunnar dismantled the gun to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Despite being scared of the Germans’ machine guns, the major of the Norwegian army urged his troops to fight. The latest German onslaught orchestrated by Gunnar was successful. Troops from France and Norway took control of the mountaintop and lowered the Nazi flag.

Consul Wessow broke the news to Ingrid that her husband had died while Gunnar and the other soldiers celebrated the victory. After some time, Gunnar’s name disappeared from the list of prisoners of war. The German consul wanted to accompany Ingrid to Berlin as his country was prepared to air strike Narvik, but she was too preoccupied with the news to go with him. Polly, a coworker, proposed that she and her kid relocate out of Narvik.

Despite the destruction of their house, Ingrid and Ole gathered what they could. Gunnar’s appearance at the door startled Ingrid. After this shocking reconnection, Gunnar had a lot of questions. After arriving in Narvik, he demands an explanation from Ingrid for her act of national betrayal. Ingrid had no remorse for her measures to protect her son. Even if it meant betraying the interests of her country, she knew she could save Ole.

They (Gunnar and the townfolk) thought less of Ingrid than she did. The German air strikes prompted Ingrid to evacuate with her son. As soon as Gunnar’s family left, he joined his battalion. He was inspired by Major Omdal’s demand to defend one’s beliefs at whatever cost. After his family had gone, Gunnar lost all will to fight. It was now up to the Norwegian army to defend the country alone, as the English had departed and the French were busy defending theirs. Gunnar valued family above heroic deeds. He boarded a vessel with his loved ones and left the country.

Narvik: Hitler’s First Defeat is currently streaming on Netflix.

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