Is It True That Nate’s Father (Cal Jacobs) Molested Him In ‘Euphoria’ TV Series?

Was Nate Molested by His Father (Cal Jacobs) in Euphoria

Euphoria‘ explores a variety of sensitive topics, including self-identity, drug addiction, trauma, love, and relationships, among others, through the perspective of a diverse cast of individuals.

Cal and Nate Jacobs, the show’s father and son, are two of the show’s most problematic characters.

As the storey progresses, viewers gain a better understanding of the two’s complicated relationship, as well as Nate’s animosity of his father.

The penultimate episode of the show’s second season, however, appears to be introducing a new dimension to the duo’s dark and tense relationship by implying that Nate was assaulted by his father when he was a child.

Let’s look into the situation and see if the claim is true!


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Was Nate Molested by His Father

Was Nate’s Father Molested Him?

One of the most despised characters in ‘Euphoria’ is Nate Jacobs. Fans’ contempt for Nate is only surpassed by their contempt for his father, Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane).

Both characters have horrible backstories, as it turns out. They allow spectators to sympathise with Nate and Cal, despite the fact that they do not justify their behaviour.

Cal is revealed to be a closed bisexual male who enjoys surreptitiously hooking up with teenage girls, boys, and men in the first season.

He also keeps track of his sexual encounters on CDs that he keeps in a drawer in his study area. Cal’s sexuality troubles are revealed in Season 2 as a result of being pushed to start a family without first settling his affections for his best buddy, Derek.

Cal’s actions, however, have left a lasting impression on Nate, and the father and son do not get along.

Nate gets a vision of his father preparing to have sex with a female in the seventh episode of season 2, only to find himself in the girl’s place. Nate feels anxious as he wakes up from his dream, hinting that being the object of his father’s sexual desires is terrifying to him.

As bizarre as the concept is, it suggests a significantly more serious childhood trauma for Nate than viewers previously thought. The scene has been viewed by some viewers as a suggestion of Cal assaulting and molesting Nate when he was a child.

Cal physically and verbally assaults Nate, as viewers learn in the first season. Cal projects his fantasy of becoming a star football player onto Nate, causing him to become enraged.

Following a poor performance, Cal humiliates and beats Nate. Nate is triggered by Cal’s statements, and he injures himself by repeatedly slamming his head on the floor.


Initially, the incident appeared to suggest that Nate resents his father for his mistreatment. Nate’s worries and animosity were heightened by his dream scenario. Cal’s sexual molestation of Nate has yet to be confirmed by the series.

While there are indicators that Cal molests Nate, the absence of strong evidence shows that he did not.

Cal has a meltdown in the fourth episode of season 2 and humiliates his family, demonstrating this. He is taken aback by Nate’s mental state and impulsive actions.

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Cal should have felt some regret for Nate’s condition if he had raped or abused him when he was a child. Cal does, after all, consider the implications of his sexuality on his children.

As a result, we don’t believe Cal abused Nate. Nate’s dream, on the other hand, could be a reflection of his and his father’s complicated relationship with their sexualities.

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