Is Rogue Agent’s Alice Archer Based on a Real Person? Where is Caroline Cowper Today?

Rogue Agent Plot Synopsis

Is Rogue Agent’s Alice Archer Based on a Real Person? Where is Caroline Cowper Now? – It was apparent that the movie would be based on the true event of Robert Hendy-Freegard, a con artist who tricked several individuals into believing he was an MI5 agent. Adam Patterson and Declan Lawn produce and direct a fictitious movie about his fraudulent activities in the wake of the Netflix documentary series The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman. With a script by Patterson, Lawn, and Bronner, Rogue Agent is based on the Michael Bronner essay “Chasing Agent Freegard.” The British thriller offers an intriguing look at how Freegard enticed his victims, even though it could be more thrilling if you don’t already know much about him.

As a lawyer, Alice Archer uses all the tools at her disposal to learn everything there is to know about Freegard and bring him to justice. She not only saves her own life, but also the lives of a few other women who were victims of his activities. Alice acts with remarkable strength to do what is required, even after being robbed by a man she has fallen in love with. Although the narrative is based on actual events, who is Alice Archer in reality? Let’s investigate.

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Is Alice Archer Based on A Real Life Person

Is Alice Archer Based on a Real-Life Person?

Yes, Caroline Cowper, a real-life lawyer, served as the inspiration for Alice Archer. She was visiting a car showroom with her sister when she met Robert Freegard for the first time. She had been living in Chiswick. He charmed her right away, and his excellent looks won her over. She had just purchased a vehicle and gone on a date with Freegard when she exited the dealership. Soon after, he began to seduce her, and things progressed to the point where they became engaged.

Throughout the courtship, Freegard treated her to lavish vacations and various gifts. She didn’t realize until much later that he had been splurging on all of this extravagant stuff with her money. He convinced her that he was an MI5 spy to justify the suspicious behavior.

When Cowper finally realized what was happening, she cut things off and reported him to the police. She also sued him, but she didn’t give up until she knew more about his true identity and the number of victims he had deceived in the past. Her investigation ultimately assisted law enforcement in apprehending Robert Freegard.

Where is Caroline Cowper Now

What Happened to Caroline Cowper and Where Is She Now?

At Robert Freegard’s trial in “Rogue Agent,” Alice Archer admits that she has given up her career as a lawyer. Freegard’s activities negatively impacted her professional life, so she was fired from the position where she excelled. She never returned to it once they had settled the issue, instead launching her own company that she had claimed to have gone into with Freegard to steal Alice’s money—leasing expensive cars to corporations. This was her way of showing him that she was not irreparably damaged despite what he had done to her and that she had learned valuable lessons from the terrifying ordeal.

But Cowper didn’t act in such a way in reality. She returned to her employment after assisting law enforcement in capturing Freegard. She is presently employed in London as a solicitor. She “fell hard for Freegard but never entirely toppled,” according to Michael Bronner, who described her as “dirty blond, dogged, and formidably outspoken.” While she avoids the spotlight and doesn’t use social media, she talked to Bronner about her experience while he was researching the article.

She stated, “It was hard for me because I was deeply involved with him. But I was gonna f****** nail him,” he said. “She described it as like being in a washing machine going 100 miles an hour. So she kind of was the one that really made me realize that this is not just a good magazine story, but potentially a film.” When interested filmmakers came across Bronner’s story, they were less interested in examining the tenacity of Caroline Cowper—the woman who didn’t only fight for herself but for all the individuals who were wronged by Freegard—than they were in studying the atrocities committed by Freegard.

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