Is the Serpent Dead in ‘Raised by Wolves’ Season 2 Finale?

Is the Serpent Dead in Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves‘ is a science fiction drama series about two androids, Father (Abubakar Salim) and Mother / Lamia (Amanda Collin), who are sent to the planet Kepler-22b to restart human civilization after Earth becomes uninhabitable due to a cataclysmic war between atheists and Mithraics, who worship the sun god, Sol.

Only six offspring are born when the androids bring 12 human embryos to the exoplanet. Even among them, only one boy, Campion, manages to endure the brutal conditions.

The mother becomes pregnant in the first season. Unlike its siblings, the 7th embryo develops inside Mother’s body. It is discovered to be a leech-like monster when it finally emerges from Mother’s mouth.

Mother and Father attempt to destroy the world’s core in a suicide mission, but the plot fails, and the Serpent flees to the other side of the planet.

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering if it dies in ‘Raised by Wolves.’


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Is the Serpent Dead

Is the Serpent Dead in ‘Raised by Wolves Season 2’ Finale?

Yes, the Serpent is no longer alive. The Serpent continues to shed its skin and expand in Season 2. Its smooth skin eventually becomes scaly. It is discovered to be highly intelligent, despite its terrible appearance.

The mother also realises that it is a herbivore. She mistakenly believes she became pregnant as a result of her contacts with Campion Sturges, the guy who reprogrammed her in the simulation.

Still, it turns out it was the mysterious entity that is the source of the Voice or the Signal. Despite this, she feels a bond with the Serpent and brings it to the Collective.

Everything seemed to be going well at first, with the exception of the Serpent’s brief fits of sibling jealousy focused at Campion. Sue is then transformed into a tree by the creature.

Following this, the Serpent becomes enraged and bursts free from its confinement, consuming the Sue tree in its whole. It then morphs again, this time sprouting tentacles. It is discovered that it now possesses some of Mother’s abilities.

Is the Serpent Dead in Season 2 Finale Raised by Wolves

Mother learns from Grandmother, the ancient android that Father resurrected, that the weaponized Serpent will now attempt to destroy the Earth in order to fulfil the entity’s wish.

The Serpent, on the other hand, appears to be more worried with its jealousy of Campion than with humanity’s extinction. In her necromancer form, Mother wants to destroy it, but her caregiving programming takes precedence. The Serpent is still her seventh kid, as far as her programming is concerned.

Mother, on Grandmother’s instruction, puts on the former’s veil to control her feelings and begins seeking for the Serpent in the season 2 finale. While the thing is chasing Campion, she comes across it.

Mother grabs the Serpent by its tentacles and hits it with one of her lethal sound blasts as they soar beyond the planet’s atmosphere. As it falls to the ground, she pursues it. She then kills it by ripping its brain out through its eyes.