Jailbirds New Orleans Season 2 Release Date & Everything We Know

Jailbirds New Orleans Season 2

Netflix’s documentary series franchise “Jailbirds,” which follows the life of a group of incarcerated inmates, has been a huge hit.

It might be thought of as a more gritty, behind-the-scenes version of Netflix’s blockbuster comedy-drama “Orange Is the New Black.”

Season 1 debuted in 2019 to rave reviews from reviewers and audiences alike, with fans complimenting the emotional nature of the story.

The new season, i.e., Season 2 in the franchise, named “Jailbirds New Orleans,” has premiered on Netflix lately, reigniting interest in an intimate glimpse at jail life.

The new show centers on the female inmates at the Orleans Justice Center and the drama that ensues as a result of their convoluted relationships.

If you liked the docuseries, you’re probably wondering if there will be a fourth episode or the second season of Jailbirds New Orleans.

Here’s everything we know so far.

Release Date for Season 2 of Jailbirds New Orleans

Netflix released ‘Jailbirds New Orleans’ on September 24, 2021. The series consists of three 38-42 minute episodes, all of which were released on the same day on the service.

Critics gave the series mixed reviews when it was aired, with some accusing it of being excessively theatrical and invasive.

The show’s creators have yet to confirm a second season for the New Orleans-based show. In terms of the show’s renewal, Netflix is similarly keeping its cards close to its breast.

While it is too early to rule out a second season, the creators will likely choose to focus on a whole new jail in the following season.

While the second season of ‘Jailbirds New Orleans’ is unlikely, a new entry in the ‘Jailbirds’ franchise is almost certain.

We’ll have to wait and see if the program receives a traditional second season because there’s no official word on its future.

If ‘Jailbirds New Orleans‘ meets or exceeds all of Netflix’s viewership predictions, a season 2 might be announced in the coming months.

Assuming that development on the new chapter begins before the end of the year, a potential ‘Jailbirds New Orleans’ season 2 release date will be somewhere in 2022.

Season 2 of Jailbirds New Orleans

Who can appear in Jailbirds New Orleans Season 2?

Real convicts and guards from the Orleans Justice Center appear in ‘Jailbirds New Orleans,’ including Harley Himber (in prison for narcotics and trespassing) and Magen Hall (arrested for second-degree murder, armed robbery, and obstruction).

Another inmate is Timanisha Taylor, who was convicted of various offenses, including aggravated assault and home invasion.

Jamie Evans (charged with burglary and theft),

Heather Tredick (serving a sentence for possession of crack and parole violation), and

Julie Raffray (serving a sentence for possession of crack and parole violation) also appear in the series (arrested for drug possession and second-degree murder).

Lieutenant Picard, Captain Steele, Sergeant Stamps, and Deputy Hunter are among the correctional personnel seen.

Most of the correctional officials are anticipated to return in the second season, while inmates such as Hall, Evans, Tredick, and Raffray may also appear.

Juicy, Crystal, Amber, Laura, and Byrielle, who made brief appearances in the first season, may play a more prominent role in season 2.

Himber and Taylor are unlikely to appear because they were both freed from prison at the end of season one. We might also see some new faces in the cast of the show.