John Wayne Gacy Survivor: Where is Steve Nemmers Now?

John Wayne Gacy Survivor - Where is Steve Nemmers Now

John Wayne Gacy Survivor: Where is Steve Nemmers Now? – Director Joe Berlinger’s three-part Netflix docuseries ‘Conversations With a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes‘ examines the renowned serial killer’s atrocities. Through never-before-heard audio of John’s questioning and various interviews with others engaged or touched by the case, viewers discover more about John’s violent streak. Steve Nemmers, who met John while he was a youngster, recalls a night spent at the killer’s house.

So, here’s what we know if you’re curious about what happened.

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Steve Nemmers
Steve Nemmers with his parents.

Steve Nemmers, Who is He?

Steve was an 18-year-old from Waterloo, Iowa, and a student at Iowa Falls’ Ellsworth Community College in 1967. He drove to school with two other Waterloo residents at the time. One of these guys had to pick up a check from a nearby KFC restaurant where he worked one night in January 1967. It was here that Steve first met John Wayne Gacy. John was the restaurant’s manager at the time.

Because his wife and children were out of town, John invited the guys over to his place for a night of cocktails and pool, as depicted in the episode. As a result, the three of them went to John’s house in a Waterloo suburb later. Steve recalled playing pool with John in his basement, which was equipped with a billiard table and a bar. John had said that he had contacts in Chicago, Illinois, and that he was friends with the mayor and the police head there.

The two other guys eventually started talking about a party the next day and offered that Steve remains back that night and drive John to Iowa Falls the next day. In the episode, Steve admitted that he was hesitant to stay there because he didn’t know John, but that it was preferable to driving home with a drunk driver.

After the two men had left, John and Steve proceeded to play pool until the former made an offer. According to Steve, John stated on the broadcast that whoever lost the next game of pool would have to perform a sexual act on the winner. When Steve replied no immediately away, John burst out laughing.

Things took a strange turn at this point when John asked Steve if he had ever seen a pornographic video. Steve claimed on the broadcast that John set up a projector, watched the movie, and then departed the room. He reappeared moments later, pointing a gun at Steve’s head. He then requested that Steve pull his pants down.

Steve was crying and pleading with John to stop. In an odd turn of events, John burst out laughing and demanded that Steve put his pants up. John admitted to Steve that he had a fixation with placing individuals under psychological duress to see how they reacted. When Steve went to sleep, he did the same thing. Later that night, he saw John with a knife to his throat, threatening to perform a sex act on the adolescent.

When Steve started crying and requested him to stop, John laughed again, explaining that he was furious that he hadn’t been able to break him earlier in the basement and that he wanted to try again.

John Wayne Gacy Survivor - Where is Steve Nemmers today

What Happened to Steve Nemmers and Where Is He Now?

After that, Steven didn’t sleep again, and he and John decided to leave for Iowa Falls early the next morning. On the broadcast, he said that John threatened to murder him if he told anyone about the previous night. Steven was terrified as an 18-year-old and never told the police what had transpired. In the end, John was apprehended and found guilty of the murders of almost 30 young men. He originally met Steve four years prior to his first murder.

Steve seemed to be doing lot better these days. He appears to be in his seventies and lives in Tennessee, where he enjoys spending time with his huge family, which includes numerous grandchildren. He enjoys golf as well. “Steve Nemmers has never talked before, he’s one of the few Gacy survivors, and he’s just a wonderful storyteller,” Joe said of Steve’s involvement in the documentary.

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