Love in the Villa: Do Cassie and Brandon End Up Together?

Do Cassie and Brandon End Up Together

Love in the Villa: Do Cassie and Brandon End Up Together? – The long-awaited release of “Love in the Villa” on Netflix may be the best rom-com of the season! In it, Tom Hopper and Kat Graham play two people who wind up sharing property in Verona, Italy, due to a mistaken double booking. The couple doesn’t get along at first, like in most romantic comedies, but as they get to know one another, they start to fall in love.

Mark Steven Johnson is the author and director of Love in the Villa. Along with Margret Huddleston and Stephanie Slack for Off Camera Entertainment, he also produced the Netflix movie. Johnson is best known for helming the Netflix rom-com Love, Guaranteed and the action thriller Ghost Rider.

The cast also includes Laura Hopper, Raymond Ablack, Emilio Solfrizzi, Lorenzo Lazzarini, Stefano Skalkotos, Sean Amsing, and others, in addition to Graham and Hopper.

While Charlie is in Verona, his girlfriend, Cassie, has been taking a break from their relationship. Much to Charlie and Julie’s amazement, Cassie and Brandon both wind up in the same city. When Cassie and Brandon cross paths, they talk about how their lovers dumped them both. They decide to get a drink after realizing they are connected as they converse. So if you wonder if Brandon and Cassie end up together or not, keep reading.

Do Cassie and Brandon End Up Together

Do Cassie and Brandon End Up Together?

Although they do not get together, there is a chance that they might in the future. Nevertheless, based on the final words they exchange in their talk, there’s also a chance they won’t get together. 

When Brandon brings Julie to a luxury restaurant, he doesn’t get a table because he doesn’t have a reservation. Cassie then recognizes Julie and Brandon and extends an invitation for them to join her and Charlie at their table. Brandon and Cassie appear to get along as Julie and Charlie nervously stare at one another across the table. Julie becomes intoxicated, which puts an end to the awkward dinner.

Brandon decides to propose as he is walking Julie home. Charlie breaks up with Cassie again in the restaurant before pursuing Julie. Charlie observes from a distance as Brandon places the engagement ring on Julie’s ring finger. He lets out a sigh before leaving. Charlie could have witnessed Julie reject Brandon’s proposal and return his ring, but he only lingered for a minute.

When the waiter comes over to inquire about what they would like to drink, Cassie dislikes the drink. Cassie’s face indicates that she doesn’t enjoy that particular white wine, but when she sees Brandon grinning widely, she corrects her expression and returns the smile. So maybe they’ll start dating once Cassie tells Brandon why she doesn’t like prosecco.

Charlie is contemplating Julie’s situation as he stands in a plaza in front of a fountain. Silvio then approaches Charlie and offers him some relationship advice before departing. Silvio’s parting words to Charlie are “L’amore trova un via, or “Love finds a way.” Charlie is encouraged by this to pursue Julie one last time.

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