Maurice Byrd Murder Case: Where Is ‘Beverly Rhea McColm’ Today?

Maurice Byrd Murder Case

When Maurice Byrd failed to show up to care for his sick mother, his family became anxious. Nothing could have prepared them for the devastating news that Maurice had been shot to death on December 10, 2011.

See No Evil: Maurice’s Last Visitor,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, examines the brutal crime and follows the police investigation that led to the killer’s arrest. Let’s take a closer look at the case and try to figure out where Maurice’s killer is right now.

How Did Maurice Byrd Die

What Caused Maurice Byrd’s Death?

Maurice Byrd, a 60-year-old Guthrie, Oklahoma native, was extremely close to his family and had a particular relationship with his mother. Maurice made a fortune as a real estate developer and also mentored young people on the side, and was regarded as a visionary with great ideas.

He was recognised by the local community as a nice man with a warm heart who loves to put others’ needs before of his own. As a result, Maurice is still sorely mourned by his loved ones.

Maurice was caring for his ailing mother on a regular basis at the time of his murder. As a result, his family was taken aback when he failed to show up without previous notice. They attempted to contact Maurice but were unsuccessful. As a result, they had no choice but to involve the cops in the situation.

When officers arrived to Maurice’s home in Guthrie, Oklahoma, they discovered him laying on his front porch with several gunshot wounds in his back. The victim’s corpse was covered in blood, and investigators realised that Maurice had already died by the time they arrived. An autopsy later revealed that the bullet wounds were the cause of death. Despite the fact that the occurrence was classified as a homicide, law enforcement officials found no evidence of forced entry.

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Maurice Byrd Killer Beverly Rhea McColm
Maurice Byrd Killer Beverly Rhea McColm

Who KIlled Maurice Byrd and Why?

Unfortunately, there were few leads at the crime scene in Maurice’s case. As a result, the police had to conduct interviews in order to compile a suspect list. Maurice had feuds with a couple of other people as a real estate developer, according to the show, but their alibis all checked out.

Maurice, though, was a regular visitor of the Macedonia Baptist Church, which was approximately a block away from his home, according to the interviews.

When the church refused to disclose any additional evidence, the police noted that the grounds of the structure were covered by CCTV cameras, which could provide a clue to the murder. Furthermore, the front of Maurice’s house was also under CCTV observation, making the job of the cops easier.

Authorities spotted a woman get out of a car and converse to another member before walking in the direction of Maurice’s home after obtaining a warrant and reviewing the church’s surveillance footage.

The identical vehicle made repeated stops in front of the victim’s house on the day of the murder, despite the fact that the woman returned for her car later. The police were able to jot down the vehicle’s licence number, which they linked to a woman named Beverly Rhea McColm, thanks to the clear film.

Furthermore, authorities discovered a revolver and a box of live ammo with around five bullets missing when they searched Beverly’s home. Although the weapon appeared to be a near match to the murder weapon, Beverly maintained her innocence, claiming that she last saw Maurice a few days before his death.

Despite this, the inquiry discovered that Beverly had loaned the victim a few thousand dollars, and when confronted with the surveillance tape, the suspect changed her tale and said that she had met a man named Max on the day of his murder.

According to the show, Max was supposed to intimidate the victim into returning the money, but the fight escalated, and she left after hearing gunshots. The authorities found this storey a little too unbelievable to believe, so Beverly was arrested and accused with Maurice’s murder because they couldn’t find Max.

Where is Beverly Rhea McColm now

What Has Happened to Beverly Rhea McColm?

Beverly Rhea McColm initially maintained her innocence and wanted to persuade the jury in her trial. In April 2013, however, she had a change of heart and decided to plead guilty to the charge of second-degree murder.

As a result, Beverly was sentenced to 40 years in jail, with the possibility of having the remaining 30 years deferred if she behaved well. She was released on parole in 2020, according to prison records. Beverly has been given permission to relocate her supervision to her native state of Texas because she is a Texas resident.

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