Recap and Ending Explanation of ‘Raised By Wolves’ Season 2 Episode 4

Recap of 'Raised By Wolves' Season 2 Episode 4

The Trust’s attack on Marcus (Travis Fimmel) and his fans in season 2 episode 4 of ‘Raised by Wolves,’ titled ‘Control,’ causes collateral damage, forcing Mother to make a difficult decision.

Something ancient is reawakened by Father. Marcus loses his abilities, as the ghosts of Decima’s (Kim Engelbrecht) past are torn from her.

Here’s everything you need to know about the season 2 episode 4 ending of HBO Max’sRaised by Wolves.’


Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 4 Recap and Ending

Recap of ‘Raised By Wolves’ Season 2 Episode 4

Marcus and Paul are having a conversation at the start of the episode. Paul has forgiven Marcus, unlike Susie, since he has grown pious.

Suddenly, dust specks glow in the sunlight, and Paul, his mouse, and one of Marcus’ followers begin to change.

Around the boy, a cocoon-like layer grows. Marcus realises that the Trust is to blame. It knew that if Paul was warned about an upcoming attack, he and Campion would return to tell Marcus, so it tracked the two boys to the believer’s hiding place.

Vrille is held guilty for this, as she was the one who led the lads to the church, and Marcus urges Decima to set things right.

She achieves just that, partially because of her entrenched devotion and partly due to her intense feelings for Marcus, and she plays a key role in Vrille’s seeming annihilation.

Meanwhile, Campion returns to the camp and notifies Mother of what has occurred, prompting a new confrontation between her and Marcus.

While Marcus initially has the upper hand, Mother eventually wins the battle and reclaims the necromancer eyes, which are Marcus’ source of strength.

Father wakes awakens the ancient android by pouring the fuel-blood he won in his fight all over it in the Settlement.

Campion is subsequently saved from Tamerlane by it. Mother changes into a necromancer once more and comes for the Trust after learning the truth about what happened to one of her children and regaining her eyesight.

Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 4 Ending

Is the Trust Destroyed in Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 4?

Campion Sturges, who also converted Mother into a caring robot, created the Trust. It was originally intended to be a sentient quantum computer that would control humanity after atheists triumphed in the religious conflict.

They eventually lost, and it was given the task of escorting the atheists to Kepler-22b. The atheists hijacked the Mithraic ship Tarantula for this purpose.

The Trust was to function as the colony’s leader until a human leader could be found. It is made of a substance known as “quantum six,” which is said to be logical and impartial.

Because of these characteristics, it concludes that eliminating Marcus is the best option for the colony’s survival, even if it means sacrificing Campion, Holly, and Paul in the process.

Raised By Wolves 2x04

Mother easily bursts through Cleaver and his soldiers’ protective barrier after regaining her eyesight, dissolving a number of them. She is hesitant, though, to dissolve the Trust because they are both created by the same person.

Despite the fact that it is on the verge of being destroyed, the Trust sticks to its essential values and rejects Mother’s offers of compromise.

Because he is supposed to be unbiased, he cannot promise that he will never jeopardise Mother’s children again or that he will assist Mother in finding treatment for Paul.

As a result, Mother reluctantly destroys the Trust’s core processors. It may not have fully dissolved the Trust, but it has rendered the former Collective leader ineffective.

Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 4

What happened to the Crew of the Marine Research Station?

The personnel of the Marine Research Station was slain earlier in the season after being dragged into the acid sea by a mystery beast. Initially, it was assumed that the serpent was to blame.

But then Mother learned that the serpent is affected by the acid sea in the same way that humans are. In episode 4, we finally understand what happened to those poor folks and who is to blame.

It appears to be a degenerated human, similar to those discovered by the initial settlers on the other side of the planet during the first season.

This one appears to have developed resistance to the acidic sea’s effects. On Decima’s orders, Vrille tries to capture Campion, but the beast clutches her leg and drags her to the acid sea.

Campion saves her by intervening and killing the beast. He chooses to sacrifice the life of an organic creature in order to save a synthetic entity.