Rhonda Oakley’s Murder Story: Where is Jenna Oakley the Step Daughter of Rhonda Oakley?

Rhonda Oakley Murder Case

In September 2016, Rhonda Oakley’s stepson returned home from school to find a horrible crime scene in the basement.

Rhonda’s body was discovered in a pool of blood. All evidence led to Jenna Oakley, the stepdaughter, and her boyfriend as the perpetrators after the authorities were involved.

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What Caused Rhonda Oakley’s Death?

You must think that who killed Rhonda Oakley? Rhonda, 52, was employed at a printing company in Danville, Kentucky. She worked in that position for about three decades.

Rhonda was married to Phillip Oakley at the time and was the stepmother to two of his children, David and Jenna, who were teenagers at the time.

The two kids moved in with Rhonda and Phillip in April 2016 while they were still living in Danville. Rhonda was also the mother of children from a previous marriage.

She was meant to return the next day after attending a business convention on August 31, 2016.

David, then 13 years old, returned home on September 1, 2016, about 4 p.m. to find Rhonda’s dead in the basement.

Her head was covered in a plastic bag, and she had many stab wounds around her neck. While no traces of forced entry were found, one of the kitchen knives was stolen, as was Rhonda’s automobile.

Jenna, who was 15 years old at the time, was later discovered to be missing.

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Who Murdered Rhonda Oakley?

Phillip told the police during his initial statement that Jenna was seeing Kenneth Nigh, a 20-year-old male.

She met him while living with her mother in Indiana. Phillip and Rhonda were against the connection and had tried to keep Kenneth away from her.

Authorities attempted to locate Kenneth and maybe Jenna after receiving a possible lead. Kenneth had been stationed in the Army in Colorado but had left on August 31.

After that, he travelled to Lexington, Kentucky.

Kenneth was recorded on surveillance tape from the airport, and a cab driver told the police that he had dropped Kenneth off near the Oakley property on August 31.

Jenna was last seen on September 1 at a local Walmart, according to another tip. Jenna and Kenneth arrived in a car that matched Rhonda’s description, according to security footage from the scene.

Inside the store, they were spotted together, and Jenna did not appear to be being detained against her will.

Kenneth and Jenna’s phones were then tracked down in Tucumcari, New Mexico, by the authorities. They were discovered in Rhonda’s car outside of a motel in the area.

Only a few days after the murder, the two were apprehended. Meanwhile, authorities discovered Jenna’s journal, which revealed how she planned to murder Rhonda and Phillip and David.

Kenneth committed suicide in his detention cell in New Mexico while awaiting extradition. He was transported to the hospital but died six weeks later from his injuries.

Kenneth left behind a suicide note in which he claimed entire responsibility for Rhonda’s death, ostensibly absolving Jenna.

Jenna, on the other hand, confessed to what had happened when questioned. Kenneth stayed with Jenna on August 31, and when Rhonda returned home the next day, she got into an altercation with her stepmother, according to Jenna.

Jenna’s attempt to choke Rhonda worsened the situation, and Kenneth rushed out to assist her. He was hiding in a closet at the time.

The two carried Rhonda into the bedroom after she dozed asleep. Jenna then took a knife from the kitchen and repeatedly stabbed Rhoda.

Jenna disposed of the murder weapon at a gas station, according to the episode.

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Jenna Oakley’s Whereabouts Are Unknown

Jenna pleaded guilty to first-degree homicide and theft in January 2019. Jenna grew up in a dangerous home, according to a defense expert who testified during her sentencing hearing.

Despite this, she was sentenced to ten years in prison for manslaughter and five years in prison for stealing Rhonda’s automobile.

Jenna is still detained at the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women in Pewee Valley, Shelby County, according to prison records.

In 2025, she will be eligible for parole.