Where is Robert Piest’s Friend ‘Dr. Kim Byers-Lund’ Now?

Where is Robert Piest's Friend 'Dr. Kim Byers-Lund' Now

Where is Robert Piest’s Friend ‘Dr. Kim Byers-Lund’ Now? Let’s find her. The abrupt disappearance of youngster Robert Piest in December 1978 sparked a groundbreaking investigation that led to serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s arrest. ‘Conversations With a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes,’ a three-part Netflix docuseries, focuses on John Wayne Gacy’s life and murders, as well as the events leading up to his arrest. Rob’s friend, coworker, and one of the last persons to see him alive, Dr. Kim Byers-Lund, recalls what happened on the episode.

So if you’re interested in learning more, we’ve got you covered.

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Who is Kim Byers-Lund

What is Dr. Kim Byers-Lund’s Background?

In 1978, Kim was 17 years old and working at a pharmacy in suburban Illinois. Rob, a 15-year-old cashier, refilled shelves while she worked as a clerk. On a chilly evening in December 1978, Kim borrowed Rob’s jacket since she had forgotten her own; working in the front of the store meant she was frequently cold. Kim developed a roll of film at some time and then stuffed the receipt into the jacket pocket.

Kim subsequently recalled that she had originally thrown it away but then chose to save it for some inexplicable reason. The receipt would prove to be a crucial component of John’s inquiry. On December 11, Kim remembers John coming into the store for contracting work.

He walked out back with Rob later that evening to discuss a summer job that would pay him more. It was the final time the adolescent was seen alive. When Rob went missing, the authorities investigated into who had been to the drugstore and discovered John.

When the cops looked into John’s criminal background, they discovered that he had been convicted of sodomy in Iowa in 1968. He quickly became a person of interest, but he refused to speak with Rob. During a cursory check of his home in Norwood Park Township, Illinois, the investigators discovered the photo receipt with Kim’s name on it in the garbage.

This established Rob’s presence in the house and allowed a search warrant to be issued. The police then discovered over 20 remains buried in John’s crawl area, which led to his final conviction.

Where is Dr. Kim Byers-Lund Now

What Happened to Dr. Kim Byers-Lund and Where Is She Now?

While most of John’s victims were buried on his property, Rob’s remains was discarded in the Des Plaines River in Illinois. Kim testified during John’s trial after the bodies were discovered in April 1979. She later discussed how the incident influenced the way she raised her children. Kim, a mother of three daughters and a son, instilled in her children the importance of never trusting strangers. If they were kidnapped, she advised them to resist and yell.

Kim is currently a physician with her own clinic in Coronado, California. Aside from that, she has served in the US Army Reserves for almost eight years as a lieutenant colonel. Kim has since participated in a number of humanitarian and operational missions, most notably providing medical assistance to Afghan evacuees as part of Operation Allies Refuge.

Kim had to battle with a number of challenges early on, including cancer, but she appears to be doing a lot better now. According to our information, the grandma, Robert Piest’s Friend Dr. Kim Byers-Lund now resides in California.

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