Where is the Serial Killer Michael Townson Now?

where is serial killer Michael Townson now

Michael Townson Now – On January 17, 2007, the discovery of Sherri Lynn Carman’s lifeless body in her Titusville, Florida, shocked and grieved the community. Michael Townson – Sherri’s boyfriend – initially claimed responsibility for finding her body, but suspicion quickly fell upon him as the investigation progressed. Ultimately, Michael was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

In 2020, Michael made a shocking confession to police – admitting to an unsolved 1991 murder. The Crime Junkie documentary “CAPTURED: Michael Townson” delves deeply into Michael’s criminal past, his relationship with Sherri, and the shocking details of Michael’s confession. Not only has this revelation brought closure to this case but also raised new questions about Michael’s involvement in other crimes as well.

This case serves as a reminder that justice can come in unexpected ways, and cold cases can be solved with new information. It is crucial to conduct thorough investigations and explore all potential leads when considering charges, as further evidence may eventually come to light.

Official Synopsis:

“When a young mother is found brutally beaten to death in 2007, investigators are able to quickly apprehend her killer. But as the years go by, he decides to open up and reveal he has a darker past than anyone could’ve ever imagined.”

serial killer Michael Townson

Where Is Michael Townson Today?

Michael Townson, a Florida native with an extensive criminal past, has been arrested multiple times for robbery, grand theft, and burglary. Later he revealed that his parents sexually abused him from an early age which pointed to a difficult upbringing. Michael also claimed his mother and other women in his life had abandoned him despite having the capacity to provide help and security – leading him to harbor strong feelings toward women. This experience would later fuel Michael’s hatred towards them.

Michael Carman was arrested and convicted of robbery, grand theft, and burglary in 1994 – crimes that had been part of his long history of criminal activities. As such, he received 17 years imprisonment before being released on parole in 2006. Upon release from prison, Michael ran into Sherri Lynn Carman from childhood; she graciously welcomed him back into her home with her partner.

On January 17, 2007, Sherri’s boyfriend returned home to find the house empty. He discovered Sherri’s lifeless body under a pile of dirty clothes, and when paramedics arrived, they pronounced her dead. An autopsy later revealed Sherri had been beaten to death with a hammer; Michael, the only other person present at the time, became the prime suspect. Michael ultimately pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and received life in prison without parole in 2008.

Michael Townson's Victim

Michael turned to religion and spirituality while in prison. In 2020, he approached police and confessed to killing Linda Little, who disappeared from Daytona Beach in October 1991. Michael claimed they met at a bar there on October 11th, and that’s when he killed her. Prosecutors could convict Michael after hearing his full confession; therefore, he will serve 25 years to life in prison beginning in 2022, sparing him the death penalty.

Michael Townson has reportedly confessed to two more murders in Memphis, Tennessee but has yet to be charged with either one. Currently, he’s serving his sentence at Central Florida Reception Center in Orange County, Florida. This case serves as a reminder of how vital an extensive investigation and the consequences of committing violent crimes are. It also proves that justice can come in unexpected forms, and cold cases can be solved with new information.

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