Shepherd (2021) Horror Movie Ending Explained

shepherd 2021 ending explained

Shepherd 2021 Ending Explained – Russell Owen directed Shepherd, a British horror film released in 2021. When the past comes up with a young Scottish shepherd after the death of his unfaithful wife, he tries to keep his sanity.

After the inexplicable death of his adulterous wife, Eric Black is lost. He finds himself alone on a gorgeous, weather-beaten island with an alarming secret while fleeing his past for a new profession as a Shepherd. An evil supernatural power meets one man’s escalating lunacy. What begins as the ideal wind-swept getaway quickly turns into a race for his sanity and life.

No matter how hard you try to avoid feeling guilty, it will eventually come up with you. It will gradually consume you until your days become nightmares. Russell Owen’s wonderfully painted allegorical psychological nightmare ‘Shepherd‘ appears to teach this lesson. The story takes a fresh look at memory and ethics, instead of the tired “stuck on the island” trope.

Eric Black is attempting to move on from his past. He’s even willing to work as a shepherd on a lonely island with no contact with the outside world, save for a terrifying fisherwoman who is gradually resembling “Justice” in morality plays. Is Eric able to leave the island? Consider the open-ended conclusion.

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shepherd 2021 synopsis

Plot Summary for ‘Shepherd’ (2021) Movie

The story is told over the course of nine days and is divided into seven chapters that seem like diary entries. Eric sees snatches of an accident in the prologue while wishing for sleep. He’s dealing with the death of his wife, Rachel. Baxter is his lone buddy when she dies. Eric pulls out the newspaper after waking up from a nightmare and finds a job posting for a shepherd on a distant West Coast island.

The employer offers beds and board, and there are over 600 sheep to look after. Eric pays a visit to his mother, Glenys, who harbours grudges towards Rachel. Glenys believes Rachel damaged Eric’s life and carries a vengeance against him for abandoning his parents in favour of Rachel. Eric leaves his mother after a quarrel and throws his wedding ring into a nearby lake.

Eric boards the ferry to the island, and the fisherwoman has no idea what awaits him. Even when the gates are sealed, the lighthouse bell tolls, the sleepless nights continue, and Baxter goes missing. Eric begins to see terrifying and horrific visions. According to the previous shepherd’s diary, the island has more darkness than meets the eye.

Shepherd Ending explained

Who Is The Fisherwoman in the Shepherd (2021) Movie?

Even with a magical aura surrounding her, the fisherwoman remains a mysterious character till the end. On the journey to the island, the fisherwoman shows Eric around the lighthouse and farm, wondering why he is interested in this position. Eric responds that he needs some alone time, which the fisherwoman understands.

Eric discovers the fisherwoman coming out of the lighthouse a few days after his stay at the farm. He calls her, but she doesn’t seem to notice. Eric decides to leave the island after being visited by a phantom who takes the form of Glenys.

Eric tries the phone, which appears to be inoperable. When the fisherwoman phones Eric the next morning, the phone works well. Eric begs to be excused, revealing his role in his wife’s accident. The fisherwoman is aware of the accident, and she is also aware that Rachel was pregnant at the time.

“Time to begin your punishment, son,” she says after learning Eric’s entire confession. The fisherwoman exudes authority, and she frequently refers to Eric as “son.”

On her boat, the fisherwoman also has a stuffed crow with which she plays ominously. Given the crow, it’s possible that she’s the witch from the prior shepherd’s journal. After all, witches have a long history of working with dead creatures in black magic. However, we gradually discover that the fisherwoman, rather from being wicked, is a balancing force.

In theory, her persona recalls “Justice” from mediaeval morality plays, especially since one of her eyes is missing. In popular culture, Lady Justice is also represented blindfolded. Another notion is that she is the embodiment of Wyrd (or “Fate”). You might be surprised to learn that through the growth of language, this “Wyrd” (or strange), which became depicted as the “Weird Sisters” (classical Fates) in Shakespeare, took on the sense of “supernatural” or “uncanny.”

The phone rings while Eric is in police custody, and it’s the fisherwoman on the other end of the line. “I’m only a servant to the hand of fate,” she answers cryptically when Eric asks her to divulge her name. As a result, it’s plausible to assume that the fisherwoman signifies fate and is an Anglo-Saxon mythology personification of Wyrd.

Can Eric Leave The Island

Is Eric Allowed to Leave the island at the End of the Shepherd Movie?

Eric tries to leave the island for an extended period of time. After witnessing a series of terrifying visions, Eric chooses to take control of the situation near the end. Eric sets fire to the house after encountering Rachel’s ghost. He dives into the water and begins to swim. Rachel’s spirit, on the other hand, takes him down into the ocean with no reprieve. After then, we see Eric in police custody once more.

Eric tells the detective everything about his wife’s death during his interrogation. The cops were unaware that Eric was present at the time of the collision. Eric jumped out of the automobile on the cliff’s edge, and the car lost balance, killing Rachel. As a result, the cops come up with reasons to convict Eric. However, when he exits the police station, we notice the pagan sign of the island etched on the door.

The lighthouse bell can be heard tolling nearby. As a result, Eric appears to still remain on the island. Whether or not the authorities throw him in prison, the movie implies that he will spend a long time in the island’s freezing prison. We agree that Eric’s jail is in his head, and the surroundings are irrelevant.

After Rachel’s death, Eric’s guilt manifests as a prison in his head. As a result, Eric perceives the island’s calm nature as a prison. Despite the fisherwoman’s encouragement to establish a home in the scenery, Eric sees the island as nothing more than a prison. With a compromised relationship with his parents, Eric seemed to have put a lot of faith in Rachel. As a result, Rachel’s death appears to be the horror’s driving force.

Eric witnesses the ghosts of his mother and Rachel on the island. Eric also discovers his wedding band, which he had dumped somewhere. As a result, it appears that Eric is more concerned with escaping his memories than with escaping the island.

Furthermore, the memories are intensified in the isolation of the island, haunting Eric. The island, according to the film, represents the domain of the mind, which may turn heaven into hell.