Smiley Ending Explained: Do Ramiro and Rosa Reconcile?

Smiley Ending Explained – David Martín Porras and Marta Pahissa are the series directors for the Spanish rom-com Smiley. The comedy, which stars Carlos Cuevas and Miki Esparbé, centres on the lives of two hopeless romantics named Bruno and Alex who are consistently let down by their partners. Pepón Nieto, Meritxell Calvo, Giannina Fruttero, Eduardo Lloveras, Ruth Llopis, Ramon Pujol, Brian McGovern, Carlos Noriega, and Yasmina Drissi are among the movie’s notable supporting players. Each of the eight episodes of the series, which has eight total, focuses on the lives of the performers and their difficulties with individuality and love.

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Smiley Plot Synopsis

Smiley Plot Synopsis

The first scene of Netflix’s series “Smiley” is a bartender named Lex leaving a voicemail for the man he just had a fling with, brimming with rage and despair over not getting even a single follow-up message after they slept together.

Lex has always desired a connection that could go beyond passionate infatuation. He’s never been fortunate in that sense, though. Others merely see him as a short-term, noncommittal fling that starts and ends on the bed because he is such a hot and lovely lad.

The voicemail that Lex leaves is received by the wrong person, who intends to call Lex to let him know he misdialed and assuage his fear over not hearing from his lover, with whom he seems to have been having a difficult time.

This recipient is Bruno, an architect and romantic who resembles Lex but has different branding in terms of aesthetics. He gets in touch with Lex, and the two quickly click over the phone before deciding to meet in person.

They cross paths, but at the same time, Lex is tied to another attractive man who has developed feelings for him and is also Lex’s mother’s favourite new lad. Despite having preconceived beliefs about the kind that the other person belongs in, Bruno and Lex actually get along well in person.

Lex is offended by Bruno’s arrogant habits and sense of superiority, while Bruno believes that hot males like Lex would never choose guys like him.

Even though they are bothered and irritated by each other, they are drawn to one another like two strong magnets and eventually find themselves in the same bed, having what they both agree was their greatest sex in a long time.

But their overactive imaginations, complete with preconceptions and preconceived ideas, prevent their romance from progressing steadily after that. The two continue to conduct separate lives that are repressed, false, and torturous while feigning relationships with other men while competing for each other’s love and embrace.

The two are driven to the “Smiley” by their desire to get rid of all pointless ideas, assumptions, and egos to get back together. A hasty choice, though, might force them apart by thousands of kilometres.

Do Bruno and Álex End up Together

Do Bruno and Álex End up Together?

They do, indeed. Lex and Bruno are two romantics from very different worlds, yet they actually have a lot in common.

The two characters actually share some of the most important traits with one another, despite all the alleged similarities they assert to have with other guys and use as the foundation for their fictitious relationships.

Both want a committed relationship and are strongly attracted to one another both physically and emotionally. However, they are also the victims of their incapacity to express their feelings for the other person effectively.
The two drift apart after lost opportunities and unreturned messages, yet they never stop thinking back on some aspect of their time working together.

Both Lex and Bruno end up dating other men they consider to be wonderful people despite knowing well that they won’t be able to share the same spark they have when they are together.

The song “Smiley” ends with Bruno sobbing in front of Lex in the bar over the latter’s failure to respond to the smiley he had sent him all those days earlier.

Due to this lost opportunity, Bruno later finds himself in a relationship with Ramón, who hears Bruno’s new lover screaming his emotions before the two break up.

Ibra is taking Lex on a trip to his house in Senegal in the meantime. Lex leaves Bruno a voicemail before leaving, but Bruno cannot respond because his phone’s battery is running low.

He does, however, succeed in sending his sweetheart an emoticon known as a smiley that is filled with many expressions and feelings for the two of them. Fortunately, the series ends happily as Lex notices the smiling and sprints back to Bruno, hugging him in the middle of the road.

What Happens Between Ramiro and Rosa

What Happens Between Ramiro and Rosa?

Since Rosa was Ramiro’s best friend growing up, many people believed the two were in a romantic relationship. When Juan arrived, Rosa truly fell in love with him when she had always thought of Ramiro as a friend.

As their romance grew more passionate, Rosa and Juan decided to get married and have a child, who they named Lex. Ramiro, though, left Rosa soon after his birth and didn’t return for another 25 years.

Earlier in the series, it seemed as though Ramiro had abandoned his friend because he had fallen in love with her and couldn’t accept that she was in a relationship with Juan. The birth of her baby with Juan, it appears, was the final straw for him, and he left her after that.

Following 25 years, Rosa is initially aloof toward him, which is understandable given that he disappeared after Juan’s passing, when she needed him the most. But now that he’s back for a short while, as he claims, he seems to have changed.

Rosa finds it difficult to resist falling for him because she hasn’t previously had a partner with whom she formerly maintained such a close relationship. Ramiro corrects her error in interpreting the circumstances, telling her that she is the object of his jealousy rather than Juan.

Ramiro had sex with Juan once; however, it was only once, and it turns out that he has always been gay. Ramiro could not stay when Juan developed feelings for Rosa because a future with Juan was no longer conceivable.

Rosa doesn’t want to hear whatever Ramiro says since she is upset and horrified to realise the truth.

Ramiro leaves Juan’s voicemail before departing, in which Juan says that Rosa’s husband would like for Ramiro to be there with his wife and child as a friend even though he can’t be with him since he is in love with his wife.

After listening to the audio, Rosa stops Ramiro before he leaves, leading to their eventual reconciliation and rekindled friendship.

While this was happening, Ramiro started a lovely relationship with Javi. After informing Javi that he had made amends with Rosa and Lex, the two decided to get back together.

Do Vero and Patri End Up Together

Do Vero and Patri End Up Together?

Out of all the relationships in “Smiley,” Vero and Patri’s, which have been together for seven years, experience the most difficult times. That they genuinely care about one another is beyond doubt.

The fact that Vero is ultimately unhappy with Patri, despite her great love for her, is at the heart of all the ups and downs they experience throughout the course of eight episodes.

Vero makes an unspoken effort to distance herself from Patri to save their relationship. Then, even if Patri isn’t really into it, she tries to salvage the situation by adding some spice with an open relationship.

Vero finds it challenging to be excited about the new apartment they have always wanted to share. Finally joining her at the table, Patri addresses the enormous elephant.

At the end of “Smiley,” the two realise and come to terms with the painful fact that Patri cannot be happy if Vero cannot be happy with her.

Even though they both adore one another, a committed relationship calls for more than that, and sometimes partnerships stall or end, as is the case with Patri and Vero.

Smiley Ending Explained

As a believer, I think that everyone is interconnected. There is undoubtedly something magnificent above us that immortalizes everyone of our life tales in a unique way. I sensed it in Smiley. In the end, there will be many “wow” moments as everything start to come together and it will seem as though everything was meant to be from the start. Whether it was the smiley emoji or the red string theory, they all made sense and indicated that fate exists and enters each of our lives dramatically. My friend, love is a drama queen.

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