The Hype Season 1 Winner: Where is Justin Mensinger Now?

Where is The Hype Season 1 Winner Justin Mensinger Now

Where is The Hype Season 1 Winner Justin Mensinger Now? – HBO Max’s show “The Hype” offers a wonderful chance for ambitious designers, a fashion reality series created by Rachelle MendezDavid Collins, Rob Eric, and Michael Williams. The participants must retain their position in the hybrid realm of streetwear, business, and cultural fashion rather than concentrating on a single look. The winner’s title and $150,000 go to the designer who can maintain their authenticity and adhere to the terms of the different tasks, nevertheless.

Many aspiring fashion designers have used their entrepreneurial drive and shared their inner vision with the world due to the exhibition. Many fans are now curious about the names from the first season because the second season featured the introduction of 12 new characters. Viewers are particularly interested in learning more about Justin Mensinger, the season one streetwear champion. We’ve got you covered if you’d like a reminder of his time on the program and are interested in finding out where he is right now.

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Justin Mensinger’s The Hype Journey

“The Hype” Journey of Justin Mensinger

The first season of “The Hype” included a wide variety of gifted fashion designers who specialized in one of the three areas of apparel design that the program emphasizes. One of them was Chicago, Illinois native Justin Mensinger, who was prepared to amaze the world with his vision for streetwear. His distinctive patchwork outfit quickly drew viewers in since he is a strong proponent of upcycling and environmentally friendly apparel. Additionally, Justin became a fan favorite due to his work focus on mental health and suicide prevention.

One of Justin’s first significant victories on the HBO Max program occurred in the segment in which Bobby Hundreds appeared as a guest mentor and judge. The latter was quite moved by the efforts of others but completely astounded by the designer’s creation. Justin created a stunning hoodie using a treasured woven blanket from his youth, which led Booby to propose his close cooperation with The Hundreds, his streetwear brand.

Justin was one of the final two contestants with a chance to win as the season ended. For the top prize, his rivalry with Kai Nguyen was as ferocious as it was attractive. In the end, Justin was declared the winner and received $150,000 in addition to the judges’ co-signs, Offset, Marni Senofonte, and Bephie Birkett. You probably want to know what the native of Chicago has been doing since then, and we have the information you require!

Where is Justin Mensinger Today?

Currently, Justin Mensinger is successful as a working fashion designer. Early in 2021, he relocated to Los Angeles, California, and is content with his new home. Most of the items Justin needed for his job during his time in Chicago had to be ordered, but coming to Los Angeles seems to have eased the problem for him because most of the items he needs are now easily accessible.

Since appearing on “The Hype,” Justin has collaborated with other well-known companies. Reebok announced a partnership with the artist in December 2021 to introduce their “Pieces of Us” line. The distinctive clothing embodies Justin’s personal style and promotes the value of mental wellness. Additionally, it appears like his collaboration with The Hundreds is going well.

Each piece in Justin’s new “Spiritual Disillusion” range was found and made in Los Angeles. The clothing is available for purchase on the designer’s official website. Additionally, he is engaged in some of his own initiatives while also preparing for cooperation with Fiskar. Justin plans to hold his first-ever pop-up in Los Angeles in October 2022. We wish the gifted designer all the best in life and a bright future.

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