The Rookie Season 4 Episode 21 Recap and Explained

the rookie episode 4x21 recap

The Rookie Season 4 Episode 21 Recap – In this week’s episode of ‘The Rookie,’ Tim and Lucy plan Mother’s Day and a romantic vacation; Sgt. Grey supports Officer Nolan’s desire to become a training officer and offers to ride with him for the day. To dive deeper into the events of the latest episode, refer to the recap section. Now, we’d like to share with you everything that we know about the upcoming episode!

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The Rookie Season 4 Episode 21 ‘Mother’s Day’ Recap

Angela’s day went as expected on ABC ‘The Rookie’ Season 4 Episode 21 titled ‘Mother’s Day,’ when she got a case after getting personal. Harper threw herself into her work.

But Nolan’s dreams and plans as a T.O.

The anti-rich thieves’ crime spree was a snooze fest. It took us a while to figure out their motivations beyond a simple prank. Their spree included an odd mix of cases. Awkward with the actress on set. And stealing a Porsche from a fancy restaurant was hardly noteworthy.

They snuck into a Mother’s Day brunch, held everyone at gunpoint, and stole Angela’s Mother’s Day bracelet, among other expensive and sentimental items. Angela’s quiet, confident assurance that she would catch them and have them in handcuffs was thrilling. This modern-day Bonnie & Clyde looked like she was about to get serious when she poured her heart into finding them.

Sure, they went on a rampage, attracting the attention of the LAPD. They even shot at cops. Overall, the potential of this storyline was better than the reality. They teased a fun cat-and-mouse game with a very enraged Angela, and we got the opposite. Sadly, the arc fell short. We love spending more time with Angela Lopez.

the rookie 4x21 recap

She was enraged when Wesley slept in on Mother’s Day instead of making her breakfast or caring for the baby. The storyline meant we saw Wesley’s mother more, and she was amusing as the unit mother everyone sought advice or comfort from.

She had plenty for her son. She’s not wrong about Wesley working for the D.A. I think everyone is overstating Wesley’s power and influence there. Denied the opportunity to change the system and how citizens are railroaded and overcharged, he could do so as a prosecutor.

It’s still surreal how quickly his suspension ended, and now he’s talking about changing jobs. You felt his rage and frustration. It was upsetting to learn that his client had been charged with stealing food. It criminalises poverty, which does nothing to break the cycle of poverty.

What are they doing with Chenford? Whether you like the pairing or not, it’s clear the series enjoys them. They spent the entire episode teasing each other because Lucy said a trip to Hawaii might offend Tim’s girlfriend. Unlike Bailey, who has constantly pushed down our throats, we see Ashley infrequently enough that I forget she exists or that Tim still dates her. I also forgot her name.

abc the rookie season 4 episode 21

Ashley laughed off Lucy’s presumption when Tim talked to her, which is already a bad sign for their relationship’s longevity. She and Tim never discussed the future in all their dating. Tim was stunned and disappointed when Ashely said she wasn’t the marrying or mothering type. It’s a sure sign of doom.

The series has not only not invested in this relationship, but has given us reason to write it off. Lucy and Chris are doing slightly better. But he’ll soon object to Lucy’s deeper feelings for Tim. He “proposed” to Ashley, and she almost screamed. They’re teasing something for these two partners, but they either need to act or drop it.

Grey trying to decide what to get his wife and settling on horseback riding lessons and an evening trot together were some of the sweeter personal moments. We saw a soft, sweet side of him there, and he gave his wife the perfect gift. And it’s good to know that she didn’t approve of Donovan’s treatment of Harper, especially when he kept their daughter away from her on Mother’s Day.

the rookie season 4 episode 21 recap

In addition to their sweet scene, we wished Donovan’s mother had stayed around to see their relationship grow. This series lacks mothers, and others, like Chen, have “mommy issues.” We could use some family energy. It would have been nice if Donovan’s mother had stayed around to help Harper through this pregnancy.

When Grey and Nolan team up, they never fail to deliver. Nolan wanted to be a T.O., and Grey could help him prepare. Even when the gangs came after him and his mother, they handled it well. After all that, it’s a mother’s love that she chooses to join WITSEC with her son. The storyline lost momentum when they didn’t revisit Nolan’s career goals for most of the season. Higher-ups had resisted and obstructed Nolan.

Now he’s caught. Declining the temporary transfer assignment will get him in trouble for defying a direct order. But he can’t take the exam either. And the next exam is two years away. It’s preventing Nolan from rising in the ranks. He’s a good cop with plenty of opportunities for advancement, but they all fall through for one reason or another, which is unfair. Now, Rookie Fanatics. Do you pity Nolan? Should Wesley go to jail? Comment below.

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