WeCrashed Episode 8 [Season Finale] Recap and Ending Explained

WeCrashed Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

WeCrashed Episode 8 (Season Finale) Recap – Adam and Rebekah fight for their life at WeWork after a terrible reaction kills the IPO; Adam risks everything in a last-ditch effort.

First and foremost, we should note that Apple TV+ has already designated this episode as a “series finale” in advance. Although we don’t expect many people to be surprised by this, it serves as a reminder that this was always intended to be a limited series.

The dramatic story of ‘WeCrashed,’ titled ‘The One With All the Money,’ comes to an end in the season finale of ‘WeCrashed.’ The story covers the birth and fall of WeWork, a shared workplace firm, as well as Adam Neumann, its co-founder, and CEO. The Apple TV+ series spends a lot of time focusing on Adam and Rebekah’s relationship and how they support one other’s dreams of “raising the world’s consciousness.”

The story covers WeWork’s inception as well as its first ten years throughout the course of eight episodes, culminating in some very dramatic moments as Adam wrestles for control of the firm. The podcast is jam-packed with information, so if you still have questions, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s look at ‘WeCrashed’ in more detail.

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WeCrashed Episode 8 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

WeCrashed Episode 8 [Season Finale] Recap

Adam Neumann, far from being the face of a multibillion-dollar corporation, begins the series working on some mediocre business concepts. His products, which range from women’s shoes with collapsible heels to infant clothes, are mocked. Miguel McKelvey, whom he meets during a university lecture, provides him with a workstation where he may work.

Soon after, the two came up with the concept of subleasing small parts of premium New York office space to a new generation of employees. Adam meets Rebekah at this time, and the two marry. He also utilises her parents’ million-dollar wedding gift to open the first WeWork site.

In 2019, Adam’s excesses as CEO came to a head as the company prepares to go public, ten years later. The Wall Street Journal notices a terrible S-1 paperwork and runs a critical article on Adam’s shenanigans. The board of directors meets and votes to remove the co-founder from his position, only to discover that Adam retains 65 percent voting authority on all corporate matters.

The strain on Adam grows as WeWork employees become concerned about their stock options and jobs. He finally gets his own apartment and, following a disagreement with his crisis PR team, decides to try to patch things up with his largest investors. Bruce from Benchmark Capital, Jamie from JPMorgan, and Masayoshi (Masa) from Softbank all decline Adam’s offer one by one. Adam finally resigned as CEO since he has no other options.

WeCrashed Finale Recap and Explained

Does Adam Get Masa’s Buyout Package in the WeCrashed Finale?

The narrative doesn’t end there, either, since WeWork’s new CEO, Cameron Lautner, quickly recognises that the company would go bankrupt in under two months unless Masa provides a large infusion of capital. The Masa and Adam engage in a battle, with the former aiming to buy the latter’s controlling stake in the company before pumping more cash into it. Finally, a multibillion-dollar buyout agreement is agreed upon.

Adam and Rebekah travel to Israel with their “golden parachute,” where he shocks her by disclosing that he has purchased the curriculum for their education endeavour, WeGrow. Masa then calls Adam and threatens to do all in his power to prevent them from receiving the buyout payout. Rebekah and Adam are frantic and screaming at the end of ‘WeCrashed,’ fearful that they would not receive their large payment. The real-life Adam Neumann later sued SoftBank, according to a few captions before the end credits.

As a result, the show concludes with a spectacular crash for WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann and his wife, Rebekah. They receive the heartbreaking news that Masa, the CEO of SoftBank, will do all in his power to prevent them from receiving their “golden parachute” while on vacation on a beach in Israel.

After a tense standoff and a lot of back-and-forths, Adam and Masa finally agree on an extravagant sum of over $1.7 billion for the former to hand over ownership of the company. However, just as Adam and Rebekah believe they’ve gotten away with their large payout, they are dealt a devastating blow. Masa’s tone indicates that he isn’t about to give up easily.

Masa also has a lot of money and a lot of resources, so even if Adam sues him (which he did in real life), he can afford a long, drawn-out court battle far easier than the former WeWork CEO. Because Adam owns so many WeWork shares, he’ll almost certainly be compensated for selling them. However, it appears that he will not receive the entire $1.7 billion.

WeCrashed Finale Recap and Ending

What is the name of WeWork’s new CEO?

Following Adam’s resignation, Benchmark Capital’s Cameron Lautner is named WeWork’s new CEO. Cameron, on the other hand, finds himself in hot trouble two days after the announcement, as the company is on the verge of going bankrupt. The only option to save WeWork is for Masa’s SoftBank to provide further financing. Cameron appears to be still the CEO of WeWork at the conclusion of the show.

However, because he is continuously annoyed by the financials, it is evident that he is not made out for leading a shared workspace company. Cameron is likely to resign as soon as a more acceptable replacement is selected. Meanwhile, despite his co-dismissal, founder Miguel McKelvey appears to be staying at WeWork and quietly going about his business. Surprisingly, he seemed to never be considered as Adam’s successor as CEO.

Is SoftBank Increasing Its Investment in WeWork

Is SoftBank Increasing Its Investment in WeWork?

Adam’s controlling share in WeWork is the only thing keeping Masa from investing in the company. The show concludes with a news report indicating that SoftBank has acquired an 80 percent stake in WeWork, implying that Masa and his fund would continue to invest a significant amount of money in the shared workspace industry. Masa is obligated to put more money into WeWork in order to save face, in addition to securing his earlier investment.

WeWork is the largest investment in SoftBank’s $100 billion Vision Fund’s first-round; thus, its success is critical. Masa is looking for cash for a second Vision Fund, as Cameron explains to the board, and he wants to show that the companies his prior fund invested in are profitable. As a result, Masa has no choice but to invest even more money in the company in which he has already invested billions. In the end, he loses money, but he saves WeWork (and his investment) from going bankrupt.

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