Where Are Betsy Faria’s Daughters ‘Leah And Mariah Day’ Now?

Betsy Faria Daughters

Even though Elizabeth “Betsy” Meyer Faria was undergoing chemotherapy, it was the simple act of leaving her mother’s home that resulted in her death in 2011.

Worse, it wasn’t from terminal cancer that she died, but from a horrible act of alleged greed that is still unfolding a decade later, as documented in NBC’s ‘The Thing About Pam.’

As a result, we can’t help but wonder more about Betsy’s family, particularly her daughters, so here’s everything we know about them.

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The Faria family

Betsy Faria’s Daughters: Who Are They?

Betsy Faria had already welcomed two lovely daughters into the world from a previous long-term relationship “Leah and Mariah Day” before meeting and falling in love with Russell “Russ” Faria.

However, it appears that over the decade that their stepfather was married to Betsy, the daughters had grown close to him, which is why her horrible murder rocked their entire family.

Russ was accused of being the perpetrator from the start, prompting the then-21 and 17-year-olds to turn against him as well, owing to a threatening letter they thought he’d given them at work.

Betsy Faria WIth Daughters

Having said that, the siblings were the first to suspect Pam Hupp, their mother’s friend and the last person to see her alive.

“Every time we brought up Pam… [the cops would say Hupp] physically couldn’t do this – she physically couldn’t do that,” Leah recalled. “She really wanted to meet my mom that day,” Mariah continued, “so I questioned investigators about Pam Hupp, and they always had a nasty reaction.”

They made me feel silly for the asking, and they basically made my sentiments feel unimportant.” However, the duo now suspects that Pam sent the letter as well in order to sway them.

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Leah Day
Leah Day

What Happened to Betsy Faria’s Daughters?

According to what we’ve learned, Leah and Mariah prefer to keep their work lives out of the spotlight these days, preferring to move on and enjoy their lives away from prying eyes.

Regardless, we know they sued Pam in 2014, attempting to collect on the $150,000 life insurance policy Betsy had turned over to the former four days before her death.

Pam never took any concrete steps to ensure that the two young women received it, and since no one could confirm the original intent, Pam was allowed to keep the money.

We should also highlight that Betsy’s girls have a troubled connection with their stepfather as a result of his erroneous imprisonment and nearly four years in prison.

In an interview with Fox2 Now, Leah remarked, “[The bureaucrats] pulled our family apart.”

“And because of their s****y investigation, not only did we lose our mother, but we also lost both of our parents.” “If there’s anything I could say to Russ – from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry for what you’ve gone through,” Mariah continued.

Mariah Day
Mariah Day

I’d go back in time if I could, but I can’t change the past, so we’ll just have to move on and pray for justice.”

Despite this, St. Louis, Missouri, residents have managed to stay going because they have their mother’s memories as well as a ray of hope in their hearts.

“We are powerful women, and we have our own lovely families that we’ve raised, and life could not be better right now,” Leah said on Fox.

It’s also important to note that, despite the passage of time, they continue to “pray for the truth to emerge concerning Betsy’s murder.”

Now we wait for Pam Hupp’s future trial, in which true justice for Betsy will hopefully be served once and for all.” We also know that Leah works in a restaurant and that the two sisters are dating.