Where Are “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” Star Cast Now?

Hangin' With Mr. Cooper Cast Now

Where Are “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” Star Cast Now? – Mark Curry and Holly Robinson starred in the American television sitcom Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, which debuted on ABC from September 22, 1992, through August 30, 1997. In Oakland, California, Curry’s hometown, the performance was held. The show follows Mark Cooper (Curry), a former NBA player who is now a substitute teacher and gym coach (eventually becoming a basketball coach), and his roommate Vanessa, who subsequently becomes his girlfriend and, finally, his fiancée (Robinson).

Jeff Franklin Productions, working with Warner Bros., created Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. Before being absorbed, Lorimar Television produced television for its first season. By the third season, Bickley-Warren Productions took over the production of the show. The program debuted on Tuesdays in prime time following Full House, another Jeff Franklin production with a San Francisco Bay Area setting. Between September 1993 and May 1996 (the show’s second, third, and fourth seasons before switching to Saturdays for its fifth and final season), it found its home as an addition to the TGIF Friday night program on ABC.

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Where Are Star Cast of “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” Now?

Where is Mark Cooper (Mark Curry) Now

Where is Mark Cooper (Mark Curry) Now?

Mark Curry has concentrated on stand-up comedy since playing the former basketball star-turned-teacher at Oakridge High School in Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper. Additionally, he has occasionally taken on modest television and movie roles.

In 2006, an aerosol can burst as Curry was doing laundry, leaving the actor with second-degree burns covering 20% of his body and putting him in a short-term coma. Thankfully, the 61-year-old made a full recovery.

Vanessa Russell (Holly Robinson Peete)

Where is Vanessa Russell (Holly Robinson Peete) Now?

Previously recognized for her part as Judy Hoffs in the 1980s police procedural 21 Jump Street, in which Johnny Depp also starred, Holly Robinson Peete played Vanessa Russell in Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper. While Vanessa was Mark’s roommate, they subsequently fell in love and got married.

Robinson Peete had frequent appearances on the sitcom For Your Love after Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper ended, and he was one of the original co-hosts of the CBS chat show The Talk. In 2011, she also received an NAACP Image Award. The Journey Ahead debuted in August 2022 and is the actor’s most recent motion picture. He is 58 years old.

Where is Tyler Foster (Marquise Wilson) Now?

Tyler Foster, Mark’s annoying next-door neighbour, was portrayed by actor Marquise Wilson. Wilson appeared in almost every episode, however, he rarely had as much time on screen as the other characters.

Following the conclusion of Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Wilson appeared as a guest star in several well-known TV shows, such as Touched by an Angel, NYPD Blue, and Six Feet Under. According to Essence, he has started Canna-Wear, a clothing business selling a variety of tees and hoodies with cannabis themes.

Nicole Lee (Raven-Symoné)

Where is Nicole Lee (Raven-Symoné) Now?

Mark’s little cousin Nicole Lee, who he treats nearly like a daughter, is portrayed by Raven-Symoné. Since Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper ended, Raven has received five NAACP Image Awards, been nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards, and won two Kids’ Choice Awards.

The now-36-year-old co-hosted The View and has a flourishing acting career. She made headlines in 2014 when she tweeted her joy over same-sex marriage being legal and that she could finally marry her girlfriend.

Earvin Rodman (Omar Gooding)

Where is Earvin Rodman (Omar Gooding) Now?

Earvin Rodman, a basketball player for the Oakridge Penguins, was portrayed by Omar Gooding. He was Mark’s student. Following the conclusion of Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, Gooding had numerous TV appearances, including those on One on One, Smart Guy, Playmakers, Miami Medical, Barbershop, and Family Time.

Additionally, the actor has appeared in other films, including Baby Boy and Christmas in Compton. The now-46-year-old also became a rapper, continuing his father’s legacy. “Big O” is Gooding’s stage name.

Robin Dumars (Dawnn Lewis)

Where is Robin Dumars (Dawnn Lewis) Now?

Mark’s lifelong buddy Robin Dumars was portrayed by Dawnn Lewis. Mark moved in with Robin and Vanessa after Robin assisted him in securing employment as a teacher.

Lewis continued her career as an actor, singer, and Grammy-winning songwriter when Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper ended. Through the EmpowHer Institute, she has also raised awareness for subjects like empowering young women and girls from underserved regions. Lewis is 61 years old right now.

Principal P.J. (Nell Carter)

Where is Principal P.J. (Nell Carter) Now?

The legendary actress Nell Carter played P.J. Moore, the Oakridge High administrator and close friend of Mark’s sister. Since she had watched for Mark as a child, her character has been strict with him.

Gimme a Break, the 1980s sitcom in which Carter starred, had already made Carter a household name. She also had appearances in many other TV shows after Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, such as Touched by an Angel, Reba, and Ally McBeal. Carter passed away in 2003 from diabetes-related complications. 54 years old.

You can stream “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” on HBO Max.

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