Mind Your Manners: Who is Christy Aldred? Everything We Know About Her

Where is Mind Your Manners Participant Christy Aldred Now

Who is Christy Aldred? Where is Mind Your Manners Participant Christy Aldred Now? – Mind Your Manners, a makeover series from international etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho, had launched on Netflix. The program features Sara’s etiquette classes and her one-on-one conversations with eight different people who are each struggling with a different problem in their lives.

With her advice on altering lifestyles, Sara assists these individuals in learning new aspects of themselves. She is a multitalented expert who is skilled in her field.

Sara Jane Ho offers her etiquette and lifestyle coaching throughout the show’s eight episodes, which follow eight different characters as they struggle with various issues. These folks struggle with concerns such as dating troubles, partying issues, postpartum anxiety, restarting their careers, etc., and Jane Ho, being the expert that she is, expertly manages all of these challenges.

Christy Aldred, a 50-year-old stay-at-home mother, was first presented to Mind Your Manners viewers in episode 5. The Hawaii resident shared a home with Sydney, her kid, and her husband Waine. As an elderly parent, the students desired Sara Jane Ho could “get her enthused about life again” and help her find her groove so she could operate better and use less energy.

In the episode, Christy and Sara helped her grow her confidence and improve her life by engaging in deep discussions and fun activities. The two spoke about various experiences and challenges, which ultimately benefited the student. 

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Who is Christy Aldred

Who is Christy Aldred? Where is Mind Your Manners Participant Christy Aldred Now?

Sara and Christy had afternoon tea together before the first training session. The student admitted that she hadn’t gone out much later when asked how frequently she’s had these sessions. Christy added that she wanted to run her own business and be a good mother, and the expert pointed out that both of these were full-time tasks that her pupil required assistance with.

Christy wanted to try to create her own identity beyond “being a mother to Sydney or a wife to Waine,” the Mind Your Manners guru continued, and she wanted to build a life for herself. Sara stated that her student had made sacrifices for her family out of her own free will and had chosen to put her life first.

When Sara visited Christy’s home, she discovered that Christy’s daughter had buried the dead fish in the backyard, which the expert identified as a yin-yang imbalance that might have created bad energy. She also suggested that Christy swap her desk for a dining table because meals should be shared with the family.

Although the Mind Your Manners specialist admired her student’s little earring business, her sales abilities could have been more impressive to her. Sara then saw Christy’s lack of self-portraits throughout the home. The student acknowledged that she no longer felt gorgeous.

Sara brought her pupil to a Tai Chi class to cheer her up before treating her to a full skincare and grooming session to make her skin seem better and younger. Christy also changed her outfit and got a brand-new haircut, which helped her feel more positive about herself.

Christy was seen taking better care of her skin and hair by the end of the Mind Your Manners episode, starting to build a website for her earrings business and selling them outside as well. She was also seen sitting with the family at the dinner table and taking better care of her appearance.

In the six episodes of Mind Your Manners, Sara meets people from all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds and mentors them in many facets of their personal and professional lives so they can establish a solid foundation in society.

The reality show’s six episodes are all accessible to watch on Netflix.

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