Oklahoma Girl Camp Scout Murders: Where Are Lori Farmer’s Mom and Dad Now?

Where Are Lori Farmer's Mom and Dad Now
Sherri and Dr. Charles "Bo" Farmer hold their daughter Lori. Lori was murdered when she camped out at Camp Scott during a Girl Scout outing 40 years ago. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

Lori Farmer’s Mom and Dad Now: Where Are Sheri and Bo Farmer Today? Lori Farmer, Sheri, and Dr. Charles “Bo” Farmer’s oldest daughter was sent to a two-week summer camp about 45 minutes from their house, and the parents never anticipated she would not return. But, unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened when Lori and two other females were brutally slain on the same night.

Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders,’ a documentary on Hulu, focuses on the case’s decades-long journey and includes interviews with Sheri and Bo, who recount their experience. So, how about we learn a little more about the parents?

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Who Are Sheri Farmer and Bo Farmer
Lori Farmer’s Mom and Dad

Sheri and Bo Farmer: Who Are They?

Lori was the oldest of Sheri and Bo Farmer’s five children. The little girl was just days away from turning nine when she went on her journey. Lori, a Girl Scout, was assigned to a tent with Doris Denise Milner and Michele Heather Guse at the campsite at Locust Grove, Oklahoma, on the night of June 12, 1977.

Lori even penned a letter to her family about the two new friends she had made that night, which looked to be the perfect start to their journey. “She had just finished the fourth grade,” Sheri recalled of her daughter. She was the oldest of five children, mature, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful.

She was just a wonderful older sister.” Lori and her two new companions were slain in the early hours of June 13, 1977, in a terrible chain of events. The next day, Bo learned of his daughter’s death, but the couple had a difficult time getting information, only learning about it through news reports.

Lori Farmer
A copy of a photo of Lori Farmer on May 9, 2017 she was murdered when she camped out at Camp Scott during a Girl Scout outing 40 years ago. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

Gene Leroy “Sonny” Hart, a convicted rapist, was subsequently accused for the killings, but a jury acquitted him in 1979. Sheri and Bo were understandably devastated by the decision. Sonny was guilty in their eyes, and Sheri was pondering the idea that he had helped. The Farmers were essential in keeping the case alive and pushing for answers over the years. Mike Reed, the Sheriff of Mayes County, Oklahoma, was summoned in 2013. Sheri and Bo asked him to look into the situation again.

The evidence was DNA tested in 2019, and the results were made public in May 2022, thanks to the parents’ efforts. Sonny was the only suspect who could not be ruled out as the perpetrator, according to the investigation. This just strengthened Bo’s conviction that Sonny was guilty.

“Every piece of data we’ve collected over the last 40 years has really proceeded to nail it down more and more,” he said. Sonny was the only direct participant in the murder, according to Sheri. The couple and authorities have not ruled out the prospect of Sonny receiving assistance following the crime.

Where Are Sheri Farmer and Bo Farmer Now
Sheri Farmer and Bo Farmer with family. Photo Credit: KJRH News – Farmer Family

What Has Happened to Sheri and Bo Farmer And Where Are They Now?

Sheri and Bo worked to raise victims’ rights awareness in the years following Lori’s death. The pair created the first Parents of Murdered Children organization in Oklahoma and led it for a decade and a half. Sheri even travelled to different gatherings to share her experience and raise awareness about the needs of a family after a loved one is murdered.

Marsy’s Law was passed in 2018 as a result of her efforts. It assists surviving family members with court procedures by providing resources. Sheri has continued to work for victims’ rights and has stated that she intends to do so in the future. When his daughter died, Bo was the Emergency Room Director at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He appears to have worked as a doctor until a few years ago. They still live in Tulsa with their three daughters as great-grandparents.

Sheri and Bo Farmer appear to be spending quality time with their family, yet they still mourn for Lori. “I’m at peace, but it does not equally closure,” Sheri once said about her. You’ll see me laughing as I sit down for my birthday dinner with my daughters, but I’m conscious that we’re not all there. That is still true. No amount of closure will change it.”

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