Where is Alleged Child Abuser Jerold Dunning Today?

Where is Jerold Dunning Today

Where is Alleged Child Abuser Jerold Dunning Now? – When Kym Brown-Hunter started dating Jerold Dunning, things began to look good for her since he looked to take on the role of a father figure for her daughter, Jaime Brown. However, claims of sexual abuse shook the family in the years that followed.

The second half of “In Pursuit with John Walsh: Evil Deception” on Investigation Discovery focuses on the alleged crimes of Jerold Dunning and the events that followed. So, if you’re interested in learning more, here is what we do know.

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Where is Alleged Child Abuser Jerold Dunning Now

What Crime Did Jerold Dunning Commit?

Jerold Dunning was Kym Brown-then-buddy Hunter’s husband when they first met. She and Jaime were living on a boat with her husband at the time. But after a few years, they split up, with Jerold supporting Kym through her difficult period. After they started dating, Kym and Jaime moved in with him after about five months. Jerold was a luxury yacht builder at the time, and Kym was a private eye.

After that, Kym received a call from Jaime’s school in October 1998. The girl had accused Jerold of molesting her sexually when she was 12 years old. Jaime originally recalled it beginning in June 1996. She claimed that it started off innocently but quickly got worse. Jaime, 10 years old, said that Jerold grabbed her inappropriately while he was still wearing his shorts while doing her anatomy homework. Jaime claimed that he even groped her while she was in the shower and afterwards proposed paying her for oral sex.

Jerold was charged with acting in the same manner for over two years. According to the show, a stay with one of Jaime’s pals also had an impact. She claimed that Jerold began teasing her when they were alone, then pulled at her pants and pinned her to the mattress. When Jaime entered the room, the companion released herself. When Kym learned of the accusations, she was inconsolable and relocated to her brother’s house with her kid; Jerold was away on a trip at the time.

Once the police were involved, they had Kim phone Jerold to persuade him to confess to what he was being accused of. He offered her money and admitted to several of the crimes during that phone call. Kym agreed to meet, but the people waiting for him were the police. Jerold was detained but eventually freed on bond. However, when the time for his trial in January 1999 arrived, he failed to appear and vanished without a trace.

Who is Jerold Dunning

Where is Jerold Dunning Now?

Kym thought Jerold might be where Camden, his mother, was. When his bond was paid, she relocated to Maryville, Tennessee. There, Kym discovered that a person rented an apartment by the name of CJ Dunning. Jerold’s middle name, Chester, was revealed to have been used by neighbours who recognised him. According to rumours, Jerold was a seafood delivery driver. In 2004, the FBI became involved and accused him of fleeing the country illegally to escape prosecution.

Kirby Brown Hunter predicts that Dunning will be arrested. She continues to seek through public records and spends money on web searches to locate him. She still yearns to go up against him in court.

She claimed that by doing this, she would be able to return to the point in her life when her daughter’s abuse began. But she believes Brown would stand to gain the most from the situation.

Hunter said, “When I faced my father and told him what he did and how it affected me, it was really a turning point in my life. It was a huge relief. That’s one thing that people have the hardest time with. They say don’t put your child through that kind of testimony. But you’ve got to get past that. Otherwise, it’s just going to eat you inside.”

Jaime Brown has some doubts. She is aware that Dunning still requires punishment. She is eager to view it. But will it really assist her?

She remarked, “I don’t really think it would magically fix my life. I don’t really see it making much of a difference. I don’t think there is much of anything that would make everything okay. You can’t undo it.”

According to the documentary, Jerold had already gone when federal officers arrived in Maryville, but this led the authorities to suspect that someone had given them a tip. Since then, the authorities have kept looking for him as he is still on the run. The show suggests that Jerold, who is currently 63 years old, may be hiding out and repairing boats in the Caribbean. According to the authorities, he might also be in Mexico or Brazil. In 2012, Jerold’s brother Kevin suggested that Jerold might be in the US Virgin Islands.

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