Where is Angelyne’s Ex-Husband Danny Katz Today?

Where is Angelyne’s Ex-Husband Danny Katz Now

Where is Angelyne’s Ex-Husband Danny Katz now? – ‘Angelyne,’ a Peacock biographical drama series, recounts the life of the titular Los Angeles “billboard celebrity” who went on to become a singer, actor, and media personality. The show’s early episodes focus on Angelyne’s rise to fame as a celebrity who attracts attention from all over the world. Danny Katz, her ex-husband, is astounded by the media coverage of the “Angelyne phenomena.”

Danny arrives in Los Angeles from Morocco and meets Angelyne, who is carrying her personal stuff. We set out to learn more about Danny because his existence is a complete surprise, especially given the secrecy surrounding Angelyne’s past. Here’s what we discovered!

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Danny Katz, Who is He?

The character Danny Katz is said to be based on Michael Strauss, Angelyne’s ex-husband. Strauss was born into a Jewish family in Beverly Hills. He met Angelyne (then Renee Tami Goldberg) through common friends while she was living on the Westside. “She [Angelyne/Renee] was the most stunning redhead I’d ever seen.

Strauss told Gary Baum of The Hollywood Reporter, “She was unusual, gorgeous, and brilliant.” They moved in with Angelyne’s younger sister Annette and her first husband at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street after their wedding in the late 1960s.

Angelyne and Strauss’ marriage was brief and ended in a peaceful divorce. After his breakup with Angelyne, Strauss embarked on a world tour, returning to Los Angeles only in the mid-1970s. “I linked up with Renee once again, and she turned out to be Angelyne. I wasn’t present when she transitioned.

Big boobs, blond hair, and this voice — the voice that used to drive me insane. “It didn’t add up with who I thought she was,” he told Gary Baum. Angelyne did not attain the financial success she could have, according to Strauss, who was an entrepreneur at the time.

Strauss told Gary Baum, “She [Angelyne] invented this marvellous, insane, out-of-this-world character but couldn’t fully sell it.” Despite this, the ex-husband wished for his ex-prosperity. wife’s “I was always a Renee supporter: ‘Come on, girl, go for broke!’ But she was only capable of going so far,” he remarked.

The former couple reunited in the early 1990s, this time for Strauss to return some of her personal possessions, such as photos and documents. His ex-wife, on the other hand, was uninterested in them.

“she [Angelyne] didn’t want them, and I wasn’t going to throw them away,” Strauss added. What if she later decided she wanted them back? Except she didn’t. In the early 1990s, I saw her and told her, “I have these things.” She was not interested in them. She didn’t want to be a part of it. She’d constructed a new existence.”

Where is Danny Katz Now

What Happened to Danny Katz and Where Is He Now?

Michael Strauss lived in Carlsbad, a coastal community in San Diego County, California, as of 2017. He was living with his family at the time, following a successful career as an acrylic furniture producer. Strauss said he didn’t talk about Angelyne publicly until Gary Baum contacted him for the journalist’s expose. When Angelyne registered for a new driver’s licence in 2016, a DMV investigator contacted him to confirm her true identity.

Gary Baum’s 2017 movie, which revealed Angelyne’s true identity, relied heavily on Strauss. Gary used various photos of his ex-wife that he shared with him for his feature. Strauss’ involvement in Gary’s exposé did not sit well with Angelyne. “[Strauss] will say things only to make his name known.” I’m not sure I blame him. She told LA Weekly, “It’s fine.” “I have a lot of fame, and if he wants some of it, that’s great with me.” She said, “I barely know the guy.”

However, unlike Angelyne, the ex-husband has opted to keep his life secret, with the exception of Gary’s interview with him.

You can watch ‘Angelyne’ biographical drama on Peacock TV.

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