Where is Brian Britton’s Sister ‘Sherry Britton’ Now?

Where is Sherry Britton today

Where is Brian Britton’s Sister and Shooting Survivor Today? – Sherry Shafer had little memories of the day her life was about to end. Brian Britton, her troubled 16-year-old brother, went on a shooting spree at the family home in Poughkeepsie, New York, early on March 22, 1989. Sherry lost her mother, father, and younger brother. Brian shot Sherry in the head as she attempted to flee.

Sherry eventually found her way back to her room. When police arrived at the house, they discovered Sherry barely alive. She has been unable to recall anything about the atrocity in the 29 years since.

Brian was apprehended and given a sentence of 25 years to life in prison. Sherry, on the other hand, continues to be concerned that he will be released. Her sibling is up for parole every six months.

“It never ends for me,” Sherry remarked in an episode of “Evil Lives Here.” It’s not right that I have to keep going through this.” “I wish I still had the answering machine,” she says. My mother did the voice. To simply hear her voice.”

The Britton family, Dennis, Marlene, and their three children, Sherry, Brian, and Jason, were once thought to be content, especially because they lived in relative comfort. All of that changed on March 22, 1989, when 16-year-old self-styled “Rambo” Brian Britton shot every single member of his family before attempting to pin the crime on a masked intruder.

But, as described in  Investigation Discovery‘s ‘Evil Lives Here: The Horror I Don’t Remember,‘ he wasn’t successful because his older sister, Sherry, survived. Let’s learn more about her now, shall we?

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Brian Britton's with his Sister 'Sherry Britton'
Brian Britton’s with his Sister ‘Sherry Britton’

Sherry Britton, Who is She?

Sherry Britton, despite being only two years Brian’s senior, never had a strong relationship with him due to their vastly different interests, hobbies, and overall enthusiasm. While she appeared to have ordinary adolescent experiences, she recalls him having numerous obsessions throughout the years, whether it was with war films like “Rambo,” the military, or heavy weapons.

Sherry stated that she didn’t give it much thought at the time, despite the fact that she had noticed Brian’s conduct was getting increasingly unpredictable, which is why she never expected to lose everything and everyone because of him.

Brian shot their 44-year-old father twice in the face, their 42-year-old mother twice in the chest, and his 18-year-old sister once in the head and belly on that fateful morning with his 20-gauge handgun. Jason, who was only 812 at the time, had not only been hit by a single bullet, but his brother had also been hit in the head with the gun’s butt; he died from his injuries hours later at a local hospital.

When Sherry finally informed the news after receiving medical assistance, despite her bodily injuries, it was the fact that she was now alone as a result of Brian’s horrific conduct that wounded her the most.

Who is Brian Britton's Sister 'Sherry Britton'

What Happened to Sherry Britton and Where Is She Now?

Unfortunately, Sherry Britton still fears that her brother, Brian, may return to finish what he began more than 33 years ago. As a result, she has been campaigning to keep him in prison. Brian pleaded guilty in exchange for a single sentence of 25 years to life with the chance of parole, meaning he was first eligible in 2013 and has been refused six times since then.

Sherry stated, “Honestly, Brian should have had three [consecutive] 25-to-life terms, and then however many years for my attempted murder…” “If it were the case, I’d never have to be concerned about him escaping.”

Brian has never explained his motives, expressed remorse, or reached out to Sherry since his incarceration, according to Sherry’s 2017 plea to keep him in prison. That’s despite his claim in the letter Brian wrote her in October 1989 to deny guilt, saying he’ll always be her brother and love her “no matter what happened or who did it.” “The only reason he admitted to the crimes was that he discovered I was still alive,” she wrote in her appeal. “On that tragic morning, his intention was to kill his entire family, but I managed to escape.”

In terms of her current situation, Sherry appears to have moved on with her life to the best of her abilities while also doing everything she can to keep Brian in state custody. Because New York law requires the parole board to reevaluate an inmate’s condition every two years, she must advocate for it every two years, but her passion for justice and her concerns keep her motivated.

After all, the Poughkeepsie native, who now goes by the name Sherry Shafer, no longer needs to care only about herself, but also for the safety of her family, particularly her children.

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