Where is Britton Family Killer ‘Brian Britton’ Now?

Where Is Brian Britton Now
Brian Britton

Where is Britton Family Killer ‘Brian Britton’ Now? – In March 1989, Brian Britton shot his entire family, meaning to kill them all, but his sister, Sherry Britton, survived. The then-16-year-old murdered his father, Dennis, his mother, Marlene, and his brother Jason with a shotgun. Sherry miraculously escaped head and abdominal gunshot wounds. At Fishkill Correctional Facility, Brian Britton is serving a 25-to-life term.

The Britton family, with the exception of their daughter Sherry and son Brian, were found killed in their own home, shocking the population of Poughkeepsie, New York. The case appeared to be a failed heist at first, but the evidence soon led the authorities to Sherry’s brother, Brian Britton.

Evil Lives Here: The Horror I Don’t Remember,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the terrible crime and demonstrates how the police were able to apprehend the offender. If you’re curious about the case and want to know where Brian is right now, we’ve got you covered!

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Who Is Brian Britton
Brian Britton with his family including her survived sister Sherry Britton.

Brian Britton: Who Is He?

Brian Britton had a close relationship with his family when he was younger. However, as Brian entered his teenage years, the show reported that he began to display a violent nature. He was enamoured with war movies and planned to join the Marines after graduating from high school.

Brian appeared to be preoccupied with firearms and guns, which was odd. He gathered a few weapons and spent a lot of time studying military procedures and recommendations. He also showed a keen interest when his father attempted to teach him how to shoot.

Brian’s actions estranged him from his family and caused a rift between them. According to the episode, the adolescent detested obeying his elders and would frequently argue with them. On the other hand, he despised restrictions and refused to adhere to the limits that his parents imposed on him.

Brian’s parents, Dennis and Marlene, initially tried to reason with him, but they soon began reprimanding him for his conduct, further deteriorating the relationship. No one, however, knew the lengths Brian would go to in order to get what he wanted.

On March 22, 1989, when first responders arrived at the Britton home, they discovered Dennis dead in the master bedroom, having been shot in the face. Authorities discovered Marlene shot in the chest in the adjacent room, while Brian’s younger brother, Jason, had his head caved in from serious blunt force trauma. Sherry was also shot during the attack, but she luckily survived and was taken to a nearby hospital right away.

Where Is Brian Britton Today
Brian Britton is serving his 25-to-life sentence at Fishkill Correctional Facility.

What Has Happened to Brian Britton and Where Is He Now?

The authorities suspected Brian was involved in the bloodbath because he was nowhere to be found. They didn’t have to wait long to question him because the suspect was found in an adjacent residence belonging to his uncle. Brian first maintained his innocence, claiming he had nothing to do with the heinous murder.

He also suggested that the murders may have been committed by a masked home invasion. Despite this, the cops noted Brian’s nonchalance and emotionlessness after learning of his family’s death and realised they needed to push harder.

Brian confessed to the murders after being interrogated for a long time. According to the show, he stated that his parents had become aggressive, forcing him to take action. The police were able to arrest Brian and accuse him with the killings of his mother, father, and younger brother because they had a confession on their hands.

Brian pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree murder and one count of second-degree attempted murder of his sister Sherry after being brought to court.

Brian was sentenced to 25 years to life in jail for each of the murder convictions in 1990, despite the fact that he was only charged with attempted murder. Brian’s sentences, however, were ordered to run concurrently rather than consecutively by the judge. Brian has been eligible for parole since 2014, but his petition has been denied on every occasion. He is still held at the Otisville Correctional Facility in Orange County, New York, and his next parole hearing is scheduled for May 2023.

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