Steven Beard Murder: Where is Celeste Beard Now?

Where is Celeste Beard Now

Steven Beard Murder: Where is Celeste Beard Now? – Celeste Beard Johnson, also known as Celeste Beard, is an American convicted killer serving a life term at the Lane Murray (SHU) in Gatesville, Texas, for the 1999 murder of her rich husband, Steven Beard. Beard was shot in the stomach while sleeping in their Westlake, Texas home on October 3, 1999.

Johnson has maintained her innocence for the past 19 years and is currently incarcerated at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville. In exchange for testifying against Johnson, Tarlton obtained a 10-year reduced sentence and was freed on parole in August 2011. He now lives in San Antonio. Tarlton is scheduled to be freed from prison in August 2021.

Millionaire Steven Beard was shot while sleeping in his Texas home on October 2, 1999. 911 dispatchers received a frantic call from the victim, who begged for assistance. Steven did not die immediately and was sent to the hospital. The incident, however, caused severe problems, leading to his death in January 2000. Although the shooter was quickly apprehended, no motivation for the crime was discovered.

Tracey Tarlton, the gunman, didn’t tell authorities the exact motivation for the horrible crime until a few months later. Celeste Beard, a waitress Steven married in 1995, was the prime suspect. ‘Secrets of a Gold Digger,’ a Lifetime documentary, (now in ABC’sWho Do You Believe?‘ ) provides light on the case. We’ve got you covered if you want to learn more about Celeste and where she is now.

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Who is Celeste Beard
Celeste Beard with her husband Steven Beard.

Celeste Beard, Who is She?

Celeste Beard, who was born on February 13, 1963, had a tough upbringing. According to reports, she only met her birth mother once, while her father allegedly mistreated her on a regular basis, prompting her to try suicide. Celeste has a history of failed marriages due to her bad luck with love. She even became pregnant during her first marriage and gave birth to two daughters, Jennifer and Kristina, before turning 18 years old.

When she met wealthy and TV tycoon Steven Beard at a country club in Austin, Texas, where she worked as a waitress, she thought her luck had turned around. Steven was a widower who was grieving the loss of his 45-year-old wife. Despite the fact that they were almost 35 years apart in age, they quickly became friends and appeared to fall in love. Celeste reportedly forced him to agree to adopt both of her daughters.

She moved in with the millionaire and married him in February 1995 after Steven agreed to her terms. Steven’s family opposed the marriage, claiming Celeste was only marrying him for his money.

Steven, though in love with his new wife, stood up for her and gave her all money could buy. The couple had a joyful and comfortable existence at first, but their marriage quickly began to show crack. Steven eventually learned that Celeste was attempting to steal valuable jewellery from his late wife, prompting the millionaire to sue for divorce. However, the couple quickly reconciled, and Steven abandoned his divorce procedures.

Celeste began to sink into depression despite the reconciliation. Celeste stated she was suicidal in 1999 due to her melancholy. As a result, she elected to enrol in Saint David’s Pavilion, a mental health facility, to treat her depression. Celeste met Tracey Tarlton, another patient, when she was at the facility. Although the details of their relationship are unknown, sources say that he had romantic interests in Celeste.

Tracey broke into the Beard home on October 2, 1999, and shot Steven while he was sleeping. Steven was shot in the stomach but still managed to phone 911 and report the incident. He was sent to a local hospital right away. Celeste stated she was in another room when the incident happened when questioned. A shotgun cartridge was also discovered near the scene of the incident.

The police responded quickly in their search for the shooter. They visited Tracey after establishing a link between her and Celeste, and learned she was in possession of a shotgun. Police realised they had discovered their shooter and arrested Tracey after the shotgun was linked to the murder through the cartridge retrieved at the crime scene.

Meanwhile, Steven’s condition was grave, but doctors did their utmost to treat his wound to the best of their abilities. On January 18, 2000, he was released from the hospital, but he was quickly readmitted. Finally, on January 22, 2000, he died of a blood clot. Tracey was charged with murder when the victim died. However, she kept the knowledge regarding Celeste’s involvement from the cops disguised for the time being.

Where is Celeste Beard today
Celeste Beard is currently detained at the Dr. Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas, and is scheduled to be released in 2042.

What Happened to Celeste Beard and Where Is She Now?

Celeste married for the fifth time a few months after Steven’s death. This was when Tracey decided to tell the cops everything. The cops even made a deal with her, offering her a 20-year prison sentence if she testified against Celeste during her trial. Celeste maintained her innocence even after being arrested and charged with murder. Celeste was also said to be attempting to poison and kill her sixth husband.

Celeste pleaded not guilty during her trial. The most conclusive piece of evidence, however, came in the form of an audio clip that clearly captured Celeste discussing how she hired a hired killer to murder Tracey. At Celeste’s trial, Tracey testified against her. Celeste’s daughters also testified against her mother, reaffirming Tracey’s allegation.

Celeste, on the other hand, stated that her daughters were lying because her going to jail would increase their fortune. Celeste Beard was found guilty of capital murder at the conclusion of the trial. She was also charged with causing injury to an older person. Celeste Beard was sentenced to life in prison by a jury in 2003.

In addition, she was fined $10,000 for her second offence. Celeste Beard fought unsuccessfully to overturn her conviction in 2006, claiming that the evidence given in her original trial was insufficient for a guilty judgement. Celeste Beard is currently detained at the Dr. Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas, and is scheduled to be released in 2042.

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