Steven Beard Murder: Where Is Tracey Tarlton Now?

Where Is Tracey Tarlton Now

Tracey Tarlton Now: Where Is Steven Beard’s Shooter Tracey Tarlton Today? – Tracey Tarlton, armed with a shotgun, stormed into the Beard residence in the early morning hours of October 2, 1999. She discovered Steven Beard, a rich and former Fox Broadcasting executive, asleep in his bed. Steven was hit directly in the stomach by the gunfire, yet he was not killed. Steven managed to phone 911 and report the situation despite his tremendous discomfort.

While working as a waitress at a country club in Austin, Texas in 1995, Johnson met Steve Beard, a 68-year-old former TV executive. They finally married and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. It appeared to be a perfect life, but turmoil ensued when Beard, whose net worth is thought to be in the $10 million range, attempted to curb Johnson’s extravagant spending.

When Tracey was apprehended six days after the shooting, the police were stumped as to why she did it. Tracey didn’t divulge a terrifying narrative of apparent manipulation until a few months later. This story is dramatised in Lifetime’s Secrets of a Gold Digger,” (now in ABC’sWho Do You Believe?‘ ) and if you want to learn more about Tracey Tarlton and where she is now, we’ve got you covered.

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Who is Tracey Tarlton

Tracey Tarlton, Who is She?

When Tracey Tarlton met Celeste at Saint David’s Pavilion, she became interested in her. Both of the women were depressed and sought treatment at the mental health centre. Tracey was in a relationship with a lady called Zan Ray, according to court filings, before meeting Celeste.

Following Ray’s husband’s demise, the two ladies became close and developed feelings for one another. Tracey had a drinking problem, and Ray agreed to be her sponsor to help her quit. The women split up after Tracey returned to the bottle and allegedly punched someone.

Tracey checked herself into Saint David’s Pavilion in February 1999 because she was depressed. Celeste Beard was one of the people she met there. Despite conflicting stories concerning the nature of the women’s connection, reports suggest Tracey developed romantic feelings for Celeste. According to reports, Celeste exploited Tracey’s affections and asked her to kill Steven.

Tracey broke into the Beard residence on October 2, 1999, and shot Steven Beard in the stomach with a shotgun, seriously injuring him. Steven then dialled 911 for assistance. He was rushed to the hospital by emergency personnel. The police spoke with Celeste’s daughters and learnt about Celeste and Tracey’s relationship while investigating the incident. A shotgun cartridge was also discovered near the crime scene.

They started investigating into Tracey right away and discovered she owned a shotgun. Tracey was arrested after the shotgun was analysed and determined to be a perfect match for the ammunition found at the scene.

Tracey seemed to care for Celeste and refused to reveal any information about her role in the crime. On the other side, on January 18, 2000, Steven was released from the hospital. However, his condition deteriorated, and he was readmitted, where he died on January 22, 2000, from a blood clot.

Tracey’s charges were upgraded to murder after the victim died. Celeste married for the fifth time a few months after Steven’s death. Tracey was reportedly severely harmed by this marriage. She realised she had been duped and resolved to inform the authorities.

Where Is Tracey Tarlton today

What Happened to Tracey Tarlton and Where is She Now?

Tracey decided to testify against Celeste in exchange for a 20-year prison term being lowered in March 2002. Celeste was arrested and accused with murder based on Tracey’s statement. Tracey Tarlton testified against Celeste at her trial and assisted in her incarceration. Steven Beard’s older children thanked Tracey, as well as the jury and Celeste’s daughters, after the conviction.

Tracey was sentenced to ten years in prison, followed by another twelve years on probation. Tracey Tarlton was held in prison until August 2011, when she was granted parole and released. Tracey first found it difficult to reintegrate herself into society after having a prior criminal record because it was tough to obtain work or rent a place to live.

Furthermore, she was consumed with the shame of her deeds. People in her San Antonio neighbourhood, on the other hand, assisted her in reintegrating into daily life and even arranged a fundraiser to assist her. Tracey Tarlton has had a quiet life away from the public eye since then. Because she prefers to keep her personal life private, little else is known about her location.

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