Cari Farver Murder: Where Is Dave Kroupa Now?

Where Is Dave Kroupa Now

Dave Kroupa Now: Where is Cari Farver’s Boyfriend Today? – ‘Dateline: Secrets Uncovered‘ titled ‘Scorned‘ on NBC is a two-hour special about a complicated love triangle that resulted in a deadly catastrophe after harassment, stalking, and disappearance. It tells the story of Cari Farver, who supposedly broke up with her two-week boyfriend – Dave Kroupa – in November 2012, moved states and then continued to message him compulsively for years.

However, investigations found that Cari’s killer, another of Dave’s former lovers, was the one who was texting him. So, how about we find out where Dave is now?

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Who Is Dave Kroupa
A still of Dave Kroupa (left) and Shanna Elizabeth Golyar (right) (Image Via NBC News/Google)

Dave Kroupa: Who Is He?

Dave Kroupa, a father of two children in his mid-30s, moved to Omaha with his then-girlfriend Amy Flora in 2012. He got a job there as the manager of an auto repair company. He was unmarried and on his own for the first time in a long time at the time, having recently divorced his long-term partner, with whom he had two children.

So Dave decided to join a couple of online dating services and enter into casual relationships with no strings attached. He was always forthright about his goals. Dave met Shanna “Liz” Golyar early in his dating life, and they were romantically involved for a few months.

When Cari Farver brought her car in for maintenance, they met for the first time in Dave Kroupa’s auto repair shop. As they proceeded to discuss her car, Kroupa stated that sparks were flying between them.

Then, in late October, he met Cari Farver, another single parent. Dave asked Cari, a customer at his shop, out on a date right away, and the two hit it off right away. Furthermore, the fact that Cari stated that she was not looking for something serious made him believe that he had struck gold.

Dave was so smitten with his new partner that he volunteered to let her remain with him when she was assigned a large project at work, the office of which was just around the corner from where he resided.

However, on November 13, 2012, Dave received a text message from Cari’s phone number, stating that she wanted to move in, which was odd given that they had previously discussed this not happening. Following Dave’s no, Cari sent a series of angry texts, received a break-up reply, and announced her departure for good.

Dave believed he had escaped a bullet at the time. But he never expected to get stalker-like and abusive messages from Cari’s phone number over the next four years, making him fear for his own safety.

Where Is Dave Kroupa Today

What Has Happened to Dave Kroupa and Where Is He Now?

Investigators suspected foul activity in Cari Farver’s case when 2015 arrived. Dave fully cooperated with the authorities because his other partner, Shanna “Liz” Golyar, was in charge. He revealed that he and Liz had resumed their romance for a short time, on-and-off, until breaking up permanently in 2015.

Then he voluntarily handed over a tablet that he remembered Liz using during their time together, which turned out to be the case against her because it contained incriminating photographs.

In addition, when Liz was on trial for Cari’s murder in 2017, the prosecutors claimed that she had been impersonating Cari online for years to cover up any suspicions, and Dave volunteered to testify. He admits to receiving thousands of e-mails and texts signed by Cari throughout the years, but he witnessed Liz “crawling… on the ground” between his apartment block and parked cars one day. “I want Liz to go away and never do this to anyone else,” Dave stated when it was all over.

Dave, 43, likes to live his life away from the spotlight as a result of his background. He doesn’t even have a public profile on any of the major social media platforms. We only found a LinkedIn page under his name, showing that he is currently employed as an Independent Business Owner in the Omaha Metropolitan Area. We can’t be sure whether it’s the same Dave Kroupa because the account doesn’t contain a picture.

On Oxygen, watch Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Season 10 Episode 54, which delves into this devastating love story that ends in a gruesome murder.

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