Sister Wives Season 17: Where is Gabriel and Kody Brown Now?

Where is Gabriel and Kody Brown Now

Where is Gabriel and Kody Brown From Sister Wives Now? – Season 17 of TLC’s Sister Wives is scheduled to debut in a few weeks. The renowned reality TV program teases that the Brown family’s chemistry appears to have changed abruptly. After Kody and Christine’s breakup at the end of season 16, events changed.

Christine disclosed in the previous season’s season finale that she had decided to end her 25-year relationship with Kody. Because of their lack of intimacy, she decided to end their relationship. The Sister Wives star admitted that she has no reason to continue living in an unintimate marriage.

Viewers will finally learn what happened to Gabriel and Kody Brown when the show returns for season 17. Viewers will have to wait until the start of the series to learn whether or not they reconciled or dissolved their relationship permanently.

There are several reasons why Kody’s relationship with his boys has deteriorated, including the tight COVID rules he implemented to prevent his sons from seeing their partners and the fact that he appears to have been spending more time with his fourth wife, Robyn.

Kody has acknowledged that their connection is essentially nonexistent and that, despite the effort required, he would be prepared to make things right. Unfortunately, it appears that Gabriel or Garrison are still interested in taking such action.

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Where is Gabriel Brown Now

Where is Gabriel Brown Now?

At the moment, Gabriel Brown lives in Flagstaff and studies at Northern Arizona University. He missed Gabriel’s 21st birthday party in October, which caused his relationship with Kody to reach a new low.

Gabriel’s mother, Janelle, posted a picture of her son blowing out candles at a restaurant on Instagram along with a heartfelt message. Sadly, Gabriel didn’t even get a call from Kody on his birthday, and he claims that this was the final straw with his father.

Gabriel said that he had severed his relationship with Kody when the latter forgot his birthday on the Sister Wives episode that aired on December 4. In reality, Kody did call Gabriel on his birthday, but it had nothing to do with him. He was speaking to Gabriel about the symptoms of their COVID-19 infection when he and Robyn learned that it was his son’s birthday.

I wanted to see if he remembered that it was my birthday, so I didn’t remind him,” Gabe stated. He didn’t, too. As a result, to him, it was just a call asking me about COVID. He remarked that the experience was considerably worse than a regular phone conversation while crying.

Gabriel claims that Kody attempted to phone him later that day to apologize for missing his birthday, but it was unsuccessful. He didn’t talk to his father again after that.

Are Garrison and Kody Brown's Relationship Still Bad

Are Garrison and Kody Brown’s Relationship Still Bad?

For many of the same reasons that Gabriel and Kody have a tense relationship, so does Garrison. His relationship and entire social life were being badly impacted by the COVID restrictions.

After they had a falling out, Garrison left his family’s house in 2021 and bought a $329,000 house in Arizona with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. As a National Guard member and the Bob’s Floral apparel line owner, Garrison has been doing well for himself.

Kody has stated that he thinks they will require counselling to resolve their issues. He claims that they cannot communicate because he is so furious about what happened, and he feels that Gabriel and Garrison feel the same way.

TLC airs brand-new episodes of Sister Wives every Sunday at 10 p.m. EST.

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