Where is John McAfee’s Wife Janice Dyson Today?

Where is John McAfee Wife Janice Dyson Now

Where is John McAfee’s Wife Janice Dyson Now? – Many people have been curious about John McAfee’s personal life, including his wife and kids, ever since news stories of his death started to circulate online. Janice Dyson is the name of John McAfee’s wife. Since 2013, McAfee and Dyson have been married. Continue reading to learn more about John McAfee’s wife.

With a front-row seat to a millionaire on the verge of going bankrupt and living a life on the run in real-time, Netflix’s new true crime documentary, “Running With The Devil,” is a really crazy trip.

When John McAfee, the founder of the $14 billion McAfee antivirus software company, was accused of killing his neighbor Greg Faull in 2012, he chose to flee rather than face the police because he believed he was being pursued by several drug cartels, the government, and many other, unidentified foes.

Journalists, a Vice film team, and security personnel were dragged along for the ride as McAfee and the women in his life—primarily wife Janice Dyson—took enormous amounts of alcohol, bath salts, and other drugs for breakfast, let alone the rest of the day, fueling his ego and sense of superiority.

In the Netflix documentary, we get a look into their marriage. Here is the information you need to know if you’re wondering what Janice McAfee is now doing.

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Who is Janice McAfee and Where is She Now?

Janice McAfee (née Dyson) resides in San Francisco, California, with her three children. Janice devotedly worked for McAfee’s release after he was imprisoned in Spain and is now seeking justice for his passing, which she feels was not the result of suicide. She requests an independent autopsy in the hopes that it may reveal more about the circumstances surrounding her husband’s passing, which the authorities have only hazily explained away.

She has started a petition to gather signatures in support of her application, and she has also appealed to the court. The fact that McAfee’s body was not delivered to the family because the case was still open has added to their anguish. “It’s difficult to put into words what life has been like this past year. I still can’t believe John is gone. If you haven’t yet please sign this petition to help pressure the Spanish authorities to release John’s remains so he can finally be laid to rest,” the petition author wrote in a tweet.

Janice, a Guatemalan-born person, first encountered McAfee in 2013. She had previously worked as an escort at a café in Miami Beach. McAfee and Janice connected despite an age difference of over forty years. 

I met John the night he was deported from Guatemala. He looked as defeated as I felt. I think we recognized in each other the same feelings of loneliness and emptiness,” she continued. 

Janice used her employment with McAfee to escape from her challenging and frequently abusive employers. She acknowledges in the Netflix video that she first only consented to marry McAfee because she saw it as an escape. But soon, she started to adore him.

She was a target for McAfee’s adversaries because they wanted to use her to get to him because she was the one who knew him best. She said that a cartel had intimidated her and instructed her at one point to poison McAfee, and ordered her to spy on him. She was coerced into doing their bidding, but she ultimately decided to tell McAfee what was going on, so they could find a solution.

Following this, Janice and McAfee began to make plans for the future. McAfee then formed the security and privacy firm Future Tense Central based on Janice’s concept. They had to flee, this time to the Bahamas, after events took a terrible turn. Everything took a downward turn from this point.

McAfee has developed a significant social media following where she shares moments with her husband while primarily supporting his mission. Samantha Herrera, McAfee’s ex, indicated in the documentary that she had received a call from a person claiming to be McAfee who claimed that he had faked his death

Janice responded by saying, “Oh how I wish this were true. If John were alive I’m pretty sure he would not be hiding out in Texas. Texas is awesome, for sure, but John was being held in a Spanish prison because of trumped charges against him from the IRS so I doubt he would choose to hide out in America. That would be silly.”

Janice continues to treasure their time together and strives toward learning the truth about what really happened to him in the Spanish prison, despite how much her husband’s death burdens her.

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