Where is Nichelle Nichols’ Son Kyle Johnson Now?

Where is Kyle Johnson Now
Nichelle Nichols with her son, Kyle Johnson, at the annual “Star Trek” convention in 2019 in Las Vegas.(Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images)

Where is Nichelle Nichols’ Son Kyle Johnson Now? Let’s find him out. Nichelle Nichols (born December 28, 1932) is an American actress and vocalist best remembered for her role as Nyota Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Series and its film sequels. Nichols’ portrayal of Uhura was groundbreaking for African American female roles on American television. Nichols volunteered her time between 1977 and 2015 to promote NASA’s programmes and recruit diverse astronauts, including women and ethnic minorities.

Because of the controversy surrounding her conservatorship, Nichelle Nichols, the 1960s actress who played Nyota Uhura in ‘Star Trek: The Original Series,’ has been the topic of several headlines. ‘Protector vs. Predator,’ the second episode of ABC News’ Who Do You Believe?‘ focuses on Kyle Johnson, her son, and Gilbert Bell, her former manager, as they present their side of the tale.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about what happened and where Kyle is now, here’s what we know.

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who is Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson, Who is He?

Kyle Johnson was born in 1951 to Foster Johnson and Nichelle Nichols. Foster was a dancer at the time, and the pair divorced the year after they married. Kyle, like his mother, became an actor and is best remembered for his role as Newt Winger in the 1969 film “The Learning Tree.” In addition to becoming a singer in the 1980s, Kyle appeared in a few other TV episodes and films.

Kyle travelled to California on a regular basis in the 2010s to assist Nichelle with errands and household activities after she had a couple of health difficulties and spent time in the hospital. However, after learning that Nichelle’s manager at the time, Gilbert Bell, was considering marrying her, he filed a conservatorship petition in May 2018 to be able to make health and financial choices for her. She was diagnosed with dementia at the time.

Part of the reason Kyle filed for conservatorship was because Gilbert had moved Nichelle’s residence to his name in 2017. Kyle came to California after the petition to assist Nichelle with her money, claiming that his mother was “totally underwater at her own bank.”

Kyle was appointed conservator over Nichelle’s person and estate by the court in January 2019. A video shot by Gilbert was published a few months later, causing more controversy. “I didn’t grant permission to have conservatorship over me,” Nichelle says in the video to Gilbert. She also screamed and begged Kyle to “get his hands off of me” when he returned from an errand and wanted to take her home.

The video prompted some inquiries about Kyle and Gilbert. Kyle accused Gilbert of elder abuse while the court struggle between the two continued. Gilbert “exerted undue influence and gained control of Ms. Nichols’ finances and personal affairs,” according to Kyle.

What Happened to Kyle Johnson and Where Is He Now?

Kyle then sold Nichelle’s California home in August 2021 and relocated her to New Mexico, where he now resides with his long-term partner. “What I’ve been through, I feel, has not served my mother well,” he said of the proceedings, but he expressed gratitude for the court’s rulings.

I’m looking forward to holding him (Gilbert) accountable and, whether silly or not, demanding justice, as well as ensuring that my mother is well-cared for and comfortable throughout her stay with us.”

Kyle worked as a liberal radio show host in the early 2000s, but it is unknown what he does now. However, due to a loss of advertising revenue, it was taken off the air since it was the only liberal show on that particular radio station at the time, amid a flurry of right-wing offerings. Kyle has previously worked as a communications director.

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