Where is Nichelle Nichols’ Manager Gilbert Bell Now?

Where is Gilbert Bell Now
Nichelle Nichols' manager Gilbert Bell (Image Source: Instagram)

Where is Nichelle Nichols’ Manager Gilbert Bell Now? Is he fraud? Let’s find out the truth. Kyle Johnson earned the right to care for his mother, Nichelle Nichols in 2020 after a long conservatorship struggle. Gilbert Bell, her manager, had been sleeping in her guest house for nine years when he was asked to leave, and fans assumed he refused because he didn’t want to let go of the woman who had taken advantage of him for so long.

He had changed ownership of the house to himself, forced her to flee rehab, and used her credit cards more than 200 times, and it was later revealed.

Who Do You Believe?‘ on ABC News seeks to present viewers with multiple viewpoints on the same subject, giving them insight into unique true-crime situations. ‘Protector vs. Predator,’ the second episode, dig into the legal saga surrounding actor Nichelle Nichols’ conservatorship.

While her son, Kyle Johnson, is now her primary carer, Gilbert Bell, her former manager, had a big impact on her life.  So, how about we find out what happened to him?

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Who is Gilbert Bell
Gilbert Bell, 82, Nichols’ former manager. In 2010 he moved into Nichols’ guesthouse as he managed her career. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

Gilbert Bell, Who is He?

Gilbert and Nichelle met for lunch in 2009. She was in financial trouble at the time because her main sources of revenue, conventions and appearances weren’t pouring in as frequently as she would have wanted. Gilbert then became Nichelle’s manager, assisting her in booking further convention appearances and other acting assignments. Nichelle’s earnings soon increased, according to Gilbert, who claims that her reservations increased from a couple every year to at least three per month.

Gilbert was staying at Nichelle’s guesthouse by 2010, initially rent-free but then paying $300 per month around two years later. Nichelle was sent to a care home after a hospital stays in 2013 due to pancreatitis. Gilbert allegedly assisted her in returning to her home without medical advice and without the family’s approval.

Gilbert took over Nichelle’s health care and financial decisions at about the same time when she signed the necessary paperwork. Over the next three years, the two grew closer, and after Nichelle suffered a stroke in 2015, Gilbert enlisted the help of carers and physical therapists. Gilbert and Nichelle talked about getting married in 2018 to safeguard her financially. Kyle, who, according to Gilbert, had not really been in Nichelle’s life before then, petitioned for conservatorship about this time.

As a result, Gilbert’s power of attorney was revoked, and Kyle was appointed as the carer. Gilbert was accused of elder abuse by Kyle and Nichelle’s loved ones. They alleged he cut her off from her family, stopped her from getting medical help, took over the residence, and misused her money in general. Nichelle didn’t want Kyle to handle her business, according to Gilbert’s lawyer, and “begged him (Gilbert) to live on her land for free.”

Where is Gilbert Bell today
Image Source: Inside Edition

What Happened to Gilbert Bell and Where Is He Now?

Kyle sold Nichelle’s house in August 2021 and relocated her to New Mexico. Gilbert, who had been living on the property for a few weeks, was confirmed to have left. He stated he hadn’t seen Nichelle since April of this year and expressed dissatisfaction with the sale, saying, “Her home is gone.” It’s been taken away from her.

If she knew, she would be appalled. [That house] made her proud. It was her idea. She assisted in its construction. She was the one who planted the trees. For her, it was a dream come true.” He appears to have sued Kyle for personal harm in 2019. According to our information, Gilbert, who has worked in the entertainment sector as a producer, now resides in Los Angeles, California.

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