Debora Kelly Murder: Where is Lars Itzo Now?

Debora Kelly Murder Where is Lars Itzo Now

Debora Kelly Murder: Where is Lars Itzo Now? – Debora Kelly, 48, was found shot to death in her own house in October 2015, and her death shocked not only her San Antonio community but the entire state of Texas. After all, her once-trusted husband Lars Erik Itzo had squeezed the bullet on the attractive and accomplished family mother, as detailed in NBC’sDateline: Silhouette.”

So now you know everything there is to know about him, including the specifics of his connection with his wife, the full degree of his involvement, and his current whereabouts.

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Lars Itzo and Debora Kelly
Lars Itzo and Debora Kelly

Lars Itzo: Who Is He?

Lars Itzo met business entrepreneur Debora Kelly in 2012 when she engaged him to work on the gorgeous home she’d recently purchased in a gated community. They began communicating most evenings while he worked as a contractor, albeit slowly, in the hopes of spending more time with her, which quickly developed into the beginning of something new.

She “got a kick out of Lars’ easygoing ways; just a man into old-school board games [and] rebuilding muscle cars,” according to the episode, which prompted them to make their courtship public the following year.

It didn’t matter how in love they seemed two years after they married because he ended up shooting her in the predawn hours of October 10, 2015. Lars contacted 911 very immediately and admitted to firing his shotgun (once), but he maintained it was only because he thought their Bent Hollow home had been broken into.

According to his version, he was startled awake by the sound of burglars, so he told his wife to stay in bed and got his pistol before going outside to check.

Lars then told investigators that Debora went out into the corridor behind him, and that when he observed the lights and heard unmistakable murmurs, he reacted by opening fire. They didn’t necessarily think that she was still in bed with him, and they arrested him within days because his acts were risky, given that she was the only other person at home.

He was charged with one count of murder and one count of manslaughter, despite the fact that his wife’s autopsy proved she had been shot at close range – three or four feet.

Lars informed authorities that when he shot his wife, he had no idea it was his wife and thought it was an intruder. He said:

“I get up, I see a light, hear people talking, and the next thing I know, I see someone in front of me, and I shot.”

“I go to get another gun, then I hear this moaning and realize it’s my wife. I never wanted to hurt my wife, ever. I loved my wife very much.”

Where is Lars Itzo Now

What Happened to Lars Itzo and Where Is He Now?

While Lars maintained that his wife’s death was an accident, the authorities claimed that his motive was jealousy once the judicial proceedings started. He was a contractor making a living from daily heavy labour, whereas she was the Vice President of National Surgical Healthcare with a seven-figure net worth, which could have prompted some anger.

When five hours of deliberation, the jury found Lars guilty of second-degree felony manslaughter after a detective said Lars’ sadness was manufactured. Lars Itzo has only got a $10,000 fine and a 15-year term since being declared not guilty of murder during a week-long trial in December 2016. (with the possibility of parole).

As a result, he is currently detained at the Terrell Correctional Facility in Rosharon, Brazoria County, Texas, at the age of 54. His planned release date is December 14, 2031, according to State Department of Corrections records, but he will be eligible for parole on June 15, 2024.

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