Where is Dr. Donald Cline’s Son Matthew White Now?

Where is Matthew White Now
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Where is Matthew White Now? Let’s find him. ‘Our Father,’ directed by Lucie Jourdan, is a Netflix true-crime documentary that delves into one of the country’s largest sperm donor fraud cases, in which Dr. Donald Cline of Zionsville, Indiana, artificially inseminated a number of his patients with his own sperm in the 1970s and 1980s. His descendants learned a stunning reality three decades later and set out to challenge Cline as well as seek justice.

Matthew White, for example, had his entire life turned upside down after learning about his biological father. Since the revelation, he has worked tirelessly to guarantee that others in his situation receive the necessary legal assistance. So, let’s learn more about Matthew and his current situation.

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Who is Matthew White
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Matthew White: Who is He?

After his mother, Liz White, visited Dr. Donald Cline, a well-known local fertility expert in Zionsville, Matthew AKA Matt White was born in 1982. Liz and her husband had been trying for two and a half years to conceive and decided to seek treatment from Dr. Donald Cline, who came highly recommended by their prior doctor.

Liz claims she spent five months with him, from October 1981 to February 1982. She went to the clinic on her ovulation days three times a month and was inseminated 15 times during that time.

Dr. Cline, according to Liz, utilised fresh sperm samples and informed her that he would find a medical resident who looked like her husband to serve as a donor. Liz and her husband were overjoyed to have a kid finally, and they chose a name that meant “gift of God” to convey their appreciation.

Matt, though, thought he and his parents had different blood types when he was 14. As a result, he questioned them about it, and they admitted that he was a donor baby who had been aided by Cline. Furthermore, when Matt and Liz drove past Dr. Cline’s office, she proudly informed him that it was there that she gave birth to him. As a result, it was a happy memory for them, and they were grateful for the doctor’s assistance.

All of that changed in September 2016, when Fox59 news reporter Angela Ganote reported that Dr. Cline had been charged with two counts of felony obstruction of justice. Cline acknowledged to using his own sperm up to 50 times to artificially inseminate his patients, according to the article.

Matt conducted a DNA test after hearing the news, and his worst fears were confirmed: his biological father was Cline. He then looked for images of the doctor when he was younger and discovered that they had a striking facial similarity. Not only that, but Liz, a clinical social worker, and her closest friend were shocked to learn what might have happened to them 35 years ago when they went to Cline for help with their reproductive problems.

Liz revealed in an April 2019 interview that he used to go next door to acquire the sperm sample while she lay in a medical gown waiting for him in the examination room. She theorised that he masturbated and then used his ejaculation to inseminate her without her knowledge or consent.

Matthew White when born
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“I feel like I’ve been raped 15 times,” Liz continued angrily. There’s a lot of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in a man’s psyche after ejaculation. All of these are mood boosters that give them fantastic sentiments… “We came in for medical treatment.”

Matt was devastated to witness his mother’s pain and was baffled by Cline’s activities, which blurred the lines between “sexual stimulation” and medical conduct. “It was just all planned, calculated, and performed brilliantly until technology caught up to him,” Matt said in a May 2019 interview.

I’m not sure why he did that, but I find it repulsive. He had to enter the room, prepare the patient, leave the room, do his business, put it in a syringe, and return. That isn’t a medical treatment. That is most certainly sexual in character.”

Matt contacted Jacoba Ballard, his half-sister, after learning about his biological father. Jacoba was one of the first to learn about Cline. They quickly became friends and began working together to bring justice to their mothers and others like them. Matt, on the other hand, developed a lifelong terror of running across someone who might have been his half-sibling wherever he went.

Cline pleaded guilty to the allegations against him in December 2017. His one-year sentence was suspended, and he was just required to pay a $500 fine. Furthermore, due to a lack of sperm donor fraud statute in Indiana, no other charges were brought against him.

What Happened to Matthew White and Where Is He Now?

The court session was attended by Matthew White and his half-siblings, who were disappointed to see Cline go free. As a result, they decided to change the strict regulations against sperm donor fraud. Matt started working on a legislative application and kept track of all the new donor offspring who named Cline as their biological father.

He had to make constant adjustments and updates to the document as the number grew significantly. Matt and his half-siblings’ efforts finally paid off in 2019, when Indiana approved lawmaking illegal donor inseminations. He and Jacoba have been in frequent contact, and he has even told her about his previous infertility issues.

Matt works as a biologist and appears to live in Indianapolis with his wife and two children, as far as we know. He also continues to work to improve legal provisions for those in similar situations.

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