Where is Tyler Henry’s Mother ‘Theresa Koelewyn’ Today?

Tyler Henry’s Mom Theresa Koelewyn

Tyler Henry is a world-renowned medium thanks to his aura, empathy, and energy, but most people overlook the fact that his mother played a significant role in these qualities.

After all, she’s the one who, as featured on Netflix’s Life After Death with Tyler Henry‘ and E’Hollywood !’s Medium,’ was the one who believed in him from the beginning, allowing him to develop his clairvoyant talents.

So, now that we know a little bit about her personal struggles – while still being her son’s best friend and biggest supporter – let’s delve a little deeper into her life.

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Who is Tyler Henry’s Mother

Tyler Henry’s Mother: Who Is She?

Tyler Henry’s mother is the kind and compassionate Theresa Koelewyn, who, despite her upbringing, has managed to live a profoundly happy life.

Despite her being white in a predominantly Black household, as depicted in the series, everyone assumed Stella Nestle was the woman who gave birth to her.

However, this was only because the former’s partner at the time was white. However, not only was Stella – a scam artist and a murderer – allegedly violent to her children, but she had also “abducted” Theresa from her biological family in Louisiana shortly after her birth.

The worst thing is that Theresa had no idea until around 2019, when she and Tyler decided to do a DNA test for fun and discovered that her family wasn’t her family at all.

That’s when the middle-aged mother of one began her quest to discover her ancestors, during which she expressed her frustration with a lack of straight answers, stating that she felt lost and broken.

Theresa was relieved to no longer be linked to the criminal, something she’d apparently always desired given the alleged number of lives her “mother” had allegedly damaged, but she hadn’t anticipated things to turn out this way.

Where is Tyler Henry’s Mother Now

What Happened to Tyler Henry’s Mother?

Despite the physical and mental toll it took, Theresa Koelewyn and Tyler Henry tried tirelessly to figure out where she came from and why she was abandoned.

They not only discovered her blood-related siblings/cousins who openly welcomed them into their lives as a result of this procedure, but they also discovered she was given up out of necessity/shame rather than any other reason.

Theresa was never unloved; it was just that her mother, Mary, and grandmother thought she would have a better life if she was raised by someone other than her father, Joe Cowart.

Of course, Theresa can’t help but wonder about the what-ifs of her predicament, but she also looks to be doing her best to let go of the hurt in order to embrace her numerous family.

According to what we can discern, the California native is still close with her childhood siblings, and she’s been learning about her ancestors while raising her son alongside her husband, David.

To be honest, the latter two appear to be the source of her happiness, especially given that the pair has been together since they were 15 years old and now has a wonderful, accomplished son.

Tyler commented on the Netflix original, “It seems cliched, but my mom is my best friend.” “My mother understands me, and I understand her – we’ve gone beyond cordial.”