Who is Tom Austin? Where is AND1 Co-Founder Now?

Where is Tom Austin Today

Where is AND1 Co-Founder Tom Austin Now? – AND1 was one of the top brands in the basketball market from the late 1990s to the early 2000s. A few college students’ modest ideas eventually developed into a multimillion-dollar business.

A startup company called AND1 was one of their main rivals for years. It attracted everyone’s attention, from small kids to professional basketball players: “Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1” is a new Netflix documentary that tells the tale of the corporation. Although the brand hasn’t completely vanished in 2022, it is unquestionably no longer what it once was.

Seth Berger and Jay Coen Gilbert were the two initial co-founders, but things changed when Tom Austin joined the team. The three people brainstormed the concept of creating a clothing line using catchphrases used on basketball courts.

The group struck a contract with Foot Locker to get AND1 items in stores after first selling their shirts out of the trunk of their car. From there, the business developed a whole culture that was centered around hip-hop and streetball.

Tom Austin was an essential aspect of the organization, even though all three co-founders contributed to its success. He fell in love with what they were creating and dedicated his life to popularising the brand.

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Who is Tom Austin

How Did Tom Austin Make an Unrivaled Contribution to the Expansion of AND1?

Tom Austin had numerous ideas that resulted in AND1 taking off like it did, in addition to working long hours to expand the business. To begin with, it was his idea to print phrases on shirts to sell. Who knows if the brand would have taken off the way it did without an eye-catching product like that to begin with.

Austin’s distinctive shoes made the most significant impact on the brand’s expansion. They decided to enter the sneaker market in order to compete with companies like Nike. But things did not turn out as they had intended. Stephon Marbury wore their first shoe in his NBA debut and injured his ankle after falling awkwardly.

Austin took over the creation of AND1’s distinctive shoes after this error. His designs ultimately became very popular, even with NBA players. During his legendary dunk contest performance, Vince Carter donned a pair of AND1 sneakers. Unfortunately for them, the All-Star forward soon entered into an endorsement agreement with Nike.

When Austin made the decision to leave the organization permanently, it became evident how crucial he was to the operation. Even though he liked his job, the long hours eventually caught up with him. He believed it was time for him to retire from his position since he was exhausted.

Everything changed after Austin departed. The business swiftly went downward, and Seth Berger and Jay Gilbert eventually decided to sell the company they had worked so hard to establish as a household name. Austin now spends his time serving as the co-founder and CEO of a business called Masterchats.

Where is Tom Austin Now

Where is Tom Austin Now?

Tom Austin’s present personal life is not widely known, but we may find information about his professional life via LinkedIn. We can see that Tom is currently the CEO and co-founder of Masterchats. This business specializes in “personal, adaptive coaching” provided by “a digital version of their favorite thought leader” chosen by users. He also contributes to articles on LinkedIn.

Tom Austin Net Worth

Little is known about Tom Austen. Therefore, his current net worth is unknown to the general public, but it is rumored to be $500,000. What is known, though, is that he is today Masterchats’ co-founder and CEO.

You can stream Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 on Netflix with subscription.

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