Billy Mac Tribute on NCIS: Who Was He and How Did He Die?

Billy Mac Tribute on NCIS

Billy Mac Tribute on NCIS – NCIS” is an American television series that debuted on CBS in 2003. It is a crime drama with elements of action, mystery, and comedy that follows the investigations of special agents working for NCIS–a federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating crimes involving U.S. Navy and Marine Corps members.

Each episode follows the team as they investigate a crime, usually involving military personnel or other defense community members. They combine forensic science, technology, and traditional detective work to solve these cases.

NCIS Season 20, Episode 16 follows the team’s efforts to capture a bioterrorist using a gaseous cow tranquilizer to render her targets unconscious. Dorothy Quinlan, who is ultimately apprehended for her criminal activities, reveals she is carrying them out in exchange for her captive father’s release. Meanwhile, Jessica Knight’s father’s health turns out unexpectedly, adding more stress and tension to this high-profile investigation. This episode also pays special tribute to the beloved character Billy Mac, dedicating itself to honoring his memory.

Who is Billy Mac

Who is Billy Mac?

Billy McLaughlin, better known by his nickname ‘Billy Mac‘, was an accomplished propman who contributed his talents to the production of ‘NCIS‘. As a member of Affiliated Property Craftspersons Local 44 – an association for skilled workers and craftspersons in the entertainment industry based in Valley Village, California – Billy was instrumental in creating stage properties used for filming recent episodes of the procedural series.

Billy had an immense impact on ‘NCIS’ throughout his tenure. Avery Drewe, co-executive producer, supervising producer, and producer of over four hundred episodes of the series, spoke fondly of Billy’s unique talents. According to Drewe, Billy was more than just a prop man; he had an acute eye for detail, read scripts thoroughly, and came up with creative ideas that enhanced scenes effectively. Additionally, Billy kept things lighthearted when needed while quickly producing props when needed. His contributions were invaluable, and his memory will always be fondly remembered by many.

How Did Billy Mac Die

How Did Billy Mac Pass Away?

Billy Mac’s family and friends have chosen to keep the cause of his passing private. On February 25, 2023, Paul Snider – who served as assistant director on all 181 episodes – announced it publicly. He remembered Billy as an incredible propman, class clown, friend, and all-around amazing human being. Since then, friends and colleagues have been paying tribute to his memory.

Avery Drewe, who served as co-executive producer, supervising producer, and producer on over four hundred episodes of ‘NCIS‘, shared her memories of Billy. She remembered him as a “keeper of laughter” who could find creative solutions to make scenes work better. Drewe also mentioned how Billy kept things lighthearted when needed but always had the right prop in case of emergency. Other colleagues like Christos Bitsakos – cinematographer for the show – and Mike Reardon – a friend of Billy’s – paid their respects to the deceased.

Mike Reardon remembered Billy as someone who always had a smile and joke, someone who enjoyed a beer, and an absolute professional. He also mentioned how great Billy was at finding great places for lunch when on location. Ultimately, Billy Mac will be remembered as a beloved NCIS family member who left a lasting impression on those around him.

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