Wu-Hung, Weh-Mei, and Raymond Chen Murder Case: Where Is Edward Chen Today?

Wu-Hung, Weh-Mei, and Raymond Chen Murders

Wu-Hung, Weh-Mei, and Raymond Chen Murders: Where Is Edward Chen now? – Vickie Henry called the Fairfax County police station and claimed to have knowledge concerning the deaths of Wu-Hung, Weh-Mei, and Raymond Chen. This was an odd and unexpected occurrence. She stated that the triple homicide occurred in August 1995, although the police were unaware that the family was gone.

The bizarre incident is detailed in “Forbidden: Dying For Love: Family Matters” on Investigation Discovery, which also demonstrates how the police developed a case against the culprit even without the remains. Let’s delve into the incident’s specifics, shall we?

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Chen Family Murders

Who Were Raymond Chen, Weh-Mei, and Wu-Hung and How Did They Die?

Wu-Hung and Weh-Mei Chen, natives of Taiwan, continued to frequently visit their two sons, Raymond and Edward, at their Great Falls home in Fairfax, Virginia. People who knew the family stated how they routinely traveled to Taiwan to meet their relatives, despite the fact that they were thought to be kind-hearted and relatively kind. The Chens owned five residences in the US and were able to put their kids to elite schools in Fairfax thanks to their affluence. People were unaware of the calamity that would befall the family because they had a quiet, unremarkable life.

Vickie Henry called the Fairfax County police department in the spring of 2002 and said Wu-Hung, Weh-Mei, and Raymond had been killed in August of 1995. Strangely, neither of them had been reported missing before to that point, and their neighbors speculated that the family may have permanently relocated to Taiwan. Vickie persisted in her statement despite the police’s initial skepticism and even claimed to have more witnesses.

In the end, the inquiry forced the police to conduct a search of the Chen family home and the Chesapeake Bay because that was supposedly where the remains were discarded. At the Chen family house, the authorities eventually found Wu-blood Hung’s splatters, but the bodies were never found. Instead, the three deceased had been shot dead in their Great Falls home, which was eventually determined as the investigation continued.

Where Is Edward Chen Now
Edward Chen

Who Killed Raymond Chen, Weh-Mei, and Wu-Hung And Why?

It’s interesting to note that Vickie blamed her ex, Edward Chen, for killing the rest of his family when she phoned the police. Since there was no evidence that a murder had actually taken place in the first place, the police could not, of course, believe Vickie when she said something. However, she eventually persuaded authorities to launch an inquiry and assisted them in getting in touch with Mandy Kolbe, Edward’s ex-wife. When questioned, Mandy admitted that their relationship was complicated because Edward’s family opposed the union.

Although Mandy and Edward continued to meet up in secret, Edward appeared to be in good spirits in August 1995 and promised that no one would ever prevent them from cohabiting again. However, she quickly demanded an explanation from her ex-partner, who said that he had purchased a rifle and killed his brother and parents.

Later, he brought her to the Chen home, where he displayed the deceased members of his family to her. Out of fear, Mandy allegedly chose not to report the event to the authorities and instead made peace with Edward before the two had a kid and were married for a year.

When the police became aware that anything was amiss, they promptly contacted the Chens’ Taiwanese relatives, who stated that Edward had told them how a car accident had taken the lives of Wu-Hung, Weh-Mei, and Raymond. On the other hand, neighbors of the Chen house claimed that after 1995, Edward frequently visited to maintain the house’s exterior to give it a lived-in appearance. Not only that, but he later sold the home in 1999 after flooding due to a pipe burst.

Even though Michael Reese, a former friend of Edward’s, claimed to have assisted the former in disposing of the dead in the Chesapeake Bay, the police could not find them because it was hard to build a case without bodies. But when the police searched the Chens’ former home, they found a dried-up blood smear that matched Wu-blood Hung’s and convinced them that Edward was responsible. However, Vickie also partially succeeded in getting Edward to confess to the killings over the phone, and the police quickly detained Edward in March 2022.

Who Killed Wu-Hung, Weh-Mei, and Raymond Chen
Edward Chen was given a 36-year jail term in December 2002.

What Happened to Edward Chen and Where Is He Now?

It’s interesting to note that the court first deemed Edward’s confession objectionable while he was in police custody. But Mandy, Michael, and Vickie’s testimony helped to support the case. Edward eventually admitted guilt to three counts of first-degree murder as part of a plea deal, and in December 2002, he was given a 36-year jail term. Edward Chen is still imprisoned at the Baskerville Correctional Facility in Baskerville, Virginia, and is scheduled to be freed in August 2033.

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