Bling Empire: Has Kevin Kreider Found His Biological Family?

Has Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider Found His Biological Family

Has Kevin Kreider Found His Biological Family? – Kevin Kreider, the star of the Netflix reality series’ “Bling Empire,” has won our hearts since the show’s 2021 debut on our screens thanks to his utter humanity, everydayness, altruism, and honesty. That’s because he never hesitates to explore the difficult aspects of his life on camera and acts as the production’s funny yet attractive moral core. Among these is his protracted and determined search for his biological family on a global scale; if you’re interested in learning more about this, we’ve got the details you need.

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Has Kevin Kreider Found His Biological Family

Has Kevin Kreider Found His Biological Family?

Tae Jin Kim, Kevin’s birth name, was raised in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania after being adopted at the age of three from the Hunong Baby Home, despite being born in South Korea. He was proudly reared by a loving white family, which is why he didn’t start his own road of self-discovery until he moved to Los Angeles and connected with the Asian community. Before disclosing his past to his adoptive mother, he first underwent a DNA test to establish his background. This was done so that she could assure him that they would always support him and be his family.

As a result of this unwavering support and encouragement to connect with his roots, Kevin decided to explore his past through a challenging, emotionally taxing session of hypnosis. He started out skeptical, but by the time he realized his concern that he had been abandoned for no reason or because he was unlovable was unfounded, he felt at peace. After the session, he said, “It was truly my [born] mom; she was simply terrified.” Her own life was what she was considering. She wasn’t contemplating how Kevin stinks. Now, the wound resembles a scar.

Kevin had stopped looking for his biological family, but his curiosity soon returned, and he began redoubling his efforts to discover his past as soon as possible. He has done it all, from talking to other adoptees for support to meeting individuals at the Korean Embassy to posting an ad in a Korean newspaper for any new information. As a result, Kevin can now state with certainty that he is the grandson of Kim Hwa-Jung of Suwon City. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he has established any further ties to his parents.

But as was made clear in season 3, Kevin also has a first cousin named Sarah, who got in touch with him after DNA testing revealed their genetic ties; Sarah is also an adoptee. Because it had been so difficult for either of them to find anything, they soon decided to meet up near her base in New York City, which, in their own words, was a really strange event.

Kevin stated, “I don’t know enough words in the English dictionary to probably describe how awkwardly exciting it is to meet my cousin. I thought I could talk to her about finding my birth parents, but there’s a feeling that; it’s almost like somebody turned a little flicker switch in the dark. You don’t feel like you’re alone. You can see something, and it’s there in front of you. It feels like it was just meant to be.” Due to Sarah’s pride in her family, he discovered he was an uncle.

Bling Empire Season 3 will begin streaming on Netflix on October 5.

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