Alaska Daily Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained

Alaska Daily Episode 4 recap and ending explained

Alaska Daily Episode 4 Recap and Ending Explained – Eileen Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank), who had a story about the Secretary of Defense rejected in New York, is hired at a new position in Anchorage, Alaska. Her most recent investigative work also focuses on the murder and disappearance of native Alaskan women. Episode three of Alaska Daily focuses on Eileen’s ongoing investigation into Gloria Nanmac’s passing.

In this episode, Sylvie, Gloria’s mother, and Eileen and Roz Friendly fly to Meade to further investigate Gloria’s condition. What will occur after that? Check out Alaska Daily’s recap of Episode 4 for details on the turbulent hour and its shocking conclusion on

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Alaska Daily Episode 4 recap

Alaska Daily Episode 4 Recap: Gabriel gets his First Assignment

After Alaska Daily Episode 3 featured Eileen and Roz outing Meade Police Chief Durkin, it’s time for a lighter hour.

In episode four of Alaska Daily, the journalists from The Daily Alaskan covered the first day of the Alaska State Fair. This seems to be an enjoyable task for the team in theory. But when we came to the conclusion of this tale, it wasn’t as humorous as everybody had first imagined.

Claire was given the task of handling the pig races, Yuna was given the task of handling food, and Gabriel was given the task of handling the paper’s first story about the gigantic cabbage competition. Austin was absent during this time working on a different project related to the episode 3 fishing story.

The Block family took first place in the large cabbage category at the state fair. Erica Block was interviewed by Gabriel, and they both hilariously fumbled their words.  After writing his story, Gabriel considered it to be too uninteresting and called Eileen for suggestions. She instructed him to visit the Block family property to find out more about them.

Gabriel met Erica’s dubious father, Brandon, at the farm, and Erica graciously consented to tour Gabriel around their operation. But as per the rules of the farm, Brandon made him hand over his cellphone first. Erica later went on to say that her father has been leery of technology ever since her mother’s early death from a brain tumour. Brandon believed that her cell phone was to blame for her cancer.

Erica expressed concern that her father would go too far in his anti-tech beliefs, especially given that he had a locked barn. Gabriel checked it out later after Erica had opened it for him before he left. But just as he discovered a large quantity of fertiliser, Brandon caught him.

Fun fact: In Alaska Daily Episode 4, Yuna almost admitted to having affections for Austin. She also discussed the challenges that could arise from a future relationship with Claire, such as his nasty ex-wife, their shared employment, etc. But Claire and the audience want it to work out for them.

Alaska Daily Episode 4 Ending Explained

Alaska Daily Episode 4 Ending Explained

In Alaska Daily Episode 4, outside of the state fair plotline, Eileen persisted in looking into Sylvie’s passing while Roz participated in a basketball competition. Before they could go home for the weekend, Stanley told Eileen and Roz that the city council had suspended Durkin as a result of their piece on the police chief, which had received a lot of attention for the paper.

Gabriel then brought Eileen a box that had been left at the front desk. It had a bullet and a letter that said, “Go home.” Despite the obvious threat of death, Eileen didn’t appear concerned. The Local Resident called Eileen when she got back to her hotel and said he had indeed sent her the box. The next bullet you receive won’t be in a box, he threatened, enraged with her for revealing Durkin. Dun dun dun!

Eileen received a message from Rushmi, her previous employer at The Vanguard. She was eager to catch up after reading Eileen’s account of Durkin. Eileen unfortunately had a panic episode as a result of this call.

She fell and injured her head outside of her hotel. Later, after being discovered, Eileen found herself in an ambulance with Aaron Pritchard. Aaron stayed with Eileen while she was in the concussion protocol at the hospital. But we have no intention of falling for Aaron’s nice guy act. Something has a fishy odour.

Gabriel was Appointed as a Reporter

“Alaska Daily” Episode 4: Gabriel was Appointed as a Reporter

Gabriel picked Eileen up from the hospital after departing the Block farm. They came to the conclusion as Brandon could have intended to use the fertiliser Gabriel discovered to make a bomb.

After church on Sunday, Gabriel and Erica got together. She delivered him documents from Genesis, the eco-terrorist organisation her father founded. Brandon appears to be one of their foot soldiers. A little while later, Eileen and Gabriel went back to the state fair to confront Brandon on the fertiliser and Genesis. He just dodged their inquiries, though, because nobody would ever admit to plotting a terrorist strike.

When Stanley and Bob got back to the office, they told the FBI what they knew about Brandon. But they couldn’t publish their story since Eileen and Gabriel couldn’t persuade him to confess. However, Gabriel’s efforts were sufficient to secure him a position as a reporter in the newsroom. And nobody deserves the promotion more than you do!

At the close of Alaska Daily Episode 4, just when we thought there was cause for celebration, Eileen and Roz reconnected and met with Orin Connors, the former police chief of Meade. He provided them with the full copy of the Sylvie’s case police report. Ezra Fisher and Rega Horne were two of the people mentioned as being of interest. Time for action.

Alaska Daily Episode 3 Recap

Eileen and Roz are travelling to Sylvie’s hometown of Meade to conduct additional research on her murder. There, they discovered just how terribly corrupt the police department is. The chief of police, who was in charge of Sylvie’s case, visited with Eileen and Roz after her body was found. But he was a terrific piece of work, to put it bluntly. The reporters discovered that the police department’s failure to conduct a thorough investigation was not limited to the death of Sylvie.

To intimidate Chief Durkin, Eileen and Roz took advantage of the fact that more than 70 allegations of female sexual attack had been dismissed. He admitted to harbouring prejudice against native women, which Eileen noted. Subsequently, Eileen, Roz, and Stanley decided to write an article about the prejudice of the police chief. Roz convinced Eileen to be open and honest with her. Austin learned in Anchorage that Aaron Pritchard, the publisher of The Daily Alaskan, had backed a corrupt candidate. Stanley also seemed to start researching his employer.

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