Love & Hip Hop: Are Sierra Gates And Eric Whitehead Still Together?

Sierra Gates And Eric Whitehead on love hip hop

Are Sierra Gates And Eric Whitehead Still Together? – A reality TV show called “Love & Hip Hop” follows the personal and professional lives of several hip-hop and R&B performers in various cities around the country. Viewers have had access to a glimpse into the lives of their favourite musicians ever since the show’s debut. In addition, its success and popularity have given numerous artists a platform to shine, allowing them a chance to establish themselves in this cutthroat profession. Sierra Gates is one such artist who has been in numerous episodes of “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.”

Sierra initially appeared as a supporting cast member in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” seasons six through eight. Nevertheless, she was promoted to the main cast in the ninth season of the reality series. She additionally made a cameo in a season 10 episode of “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

Many of you must be interested in learning more about her personal life, given how popular she is with viewers, especially concerning her partner, Eric Whitehead. Do they still have a relationship, or have they parted ways? Here is all the information about their relationship; keep reading to find out.

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Are Sierra Gates And Eric Whitehead Still Together

“Love & Hip Hop” Journey of Sierra and Eric

Before the premiere of the tenth season of the reality series, Sierra Gates first met Eric Whitehead outside of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Eric is a car expert, a master of convenience, and the owner and CEO of Prices Too Good 365 (PTG365), a premium car dealership. Despite Sierra’s prominent on-screen presence, he did not frequently appear on the show; yet, during the tenth season, she seemed satisfied and in love with him.

In addition, Sierra didn’t hesitate to refer to Eric as “the one” in front of the camera while the show was being filmed. She told him she wanted to have a baby with him while they were in Dubai with most of the other cast members, and he seemed to be completely supportive of the notion. Eric also purchased Sierra, an opulent mansion in Atlanta, in the summer of 2021.

Sierra revealed earlier information about her connection with Eric and how they met in a May 2022 interview with BET. She said, “I brought my truck from him and looked at his page after — God was like, this is your husband,” she revealed. The reality star added, “I know that sounds a little crazy (laughs), but once he delivered that truck, we’ve been together ever since.”

Sierra and Eric reside in Atlanta, Georgia, and among fans, their relationship status has long been a fascinating subject of conversation. Numerous people question if they got married or had children covertly, given their fame among fans. The viewers’ scepticism regarding their future together is understandable, given their prior partnerships’ rough and unstable history. We are here to give you the most recent information, nevertheless!

Are Sierra Gates And Eric Whitehead Still Together or Separated?

Yes, we are happy to report that Sierra and Eric are still together and appear to be more comfortable as time passes. They had been seeing each other for about a year when they decided to get serious. Sierra joyfully accepted Eric’s proposal when he agreed to do so on Christmas 2021, making the day even more special for them.

The pair held a magnificent engagement dinner party in May 2022 to mark their engagement. Additionally, Sierra shared some fascinating information with BET regarding their upcoming nuptials. She said, “…I just want my wedding to be a fairytale — I don’t care about the issues. My girl Crystal Bailey will be planning my wedding, and it will be a destination wedding.” Additionally, it is known, according to rumours, that the wedding will take place in Cabo, Mexico.

During the same interview, Eric spoke briefly about how it all began with Sierra. He admitted, “It was just instant chemistry — an instant spark and the way she just made me feel as a man. We also have walls, and she made me break down my walls, making me feel so comfortable to just be the man I could be. From then, I knew she would be my wife.”

Additionally, the pair appears to be looking to expand their family as Sierra expressed her excitement about becoming a mother once more. Sierra wants 2, I want 3, her fiancé said when asked about their future plans for children. With her two and my three, as well as Mason and Paris, that equals seven.

We both adore children, and after we get married, we absolutely want to start a family. We can therefore say with confidence that Sierra and Eric are doing well in their lives, and we wish them the happiest of marriages.

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