Where is Ashley B From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Where is Ashley B From 'My 600-lb Life' Now

Where is Ashley B From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now? Let’s find her. It cannot be easy to lose weight. After all, it takes a lot of discipline and commitment to lose those extra pounds after you’ve gained them. Nobody understands this better than the contestants on TLC My 600-lb Life,’ who must reduce weight or face the nearly fatal consequences of severe obesity.

We’ve heard some remarkable stories detailing challenges over the seasons, and in other cases, we’ve watched people tragically die. Ashley B, who has had her own wonderful experience, was just introduced to us.

Do you want to learn more about her and where she is now? In that regard, we’ve got you covered.

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ashley b 600 lb life journey

Ashley B ‘My 600-lb Life’ Journey

Ashley B, sometimes known as Ashley Bernard, is a Louisiana native. She went to the University of Louisiana in Lafayette to study. Growing up, the mother of two had it tough. We often look at the end result of compulsive or unhealthy eating behaviors, which is dangerously overweight, as I constantly say. We rarely investigate the factors that lead to these behaviours.

According to our source, Ashley was traumatized and sexually raped as a child. As a result, she began to gain weight as an unconscious defence mechanism to make her appear less appealing and therefore protect her from more attacks.

By the time she decides to visit Dr. Now in Houston, she has gained 637 pounds. The 31-year-old believes that stress is a barrier to weight loss. She does, however, feel stuck in her body and reliant on her family to assist her in moving around. Ashley’s sister is shown assisting her, and her shoes must be removed from her sore feet.

Ashley has no choice but to reduce weight because she is facing a slew of health issues, including diabetes, cancer, and even a heart attack. You can see an older photo of Ashley by clicking here.

Where is Ashley B today

What Happened to Ashley B and Where Is She Now?

Ashley B has been motivated to stick to a diet and lose weight since the beginning of her adventure. Her children are the primary source of inspiration and motivation for her to live a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Now had first recommended a 1200-calorie diet and certain workouts to assist Ashley in losing weight and becoming qualified for the weight-loss surgery.

Due to IBS and other difficulties, she did make a few mistakes. She dropped to 468 pounds after a few months, but gained 34 pounds owing to stress. She weighed in at 504 pounds at the following weigh-in. We hear at the end of her journey that she has shed a total of 135 pounds.

We see Dr. Now, who advises her to shed 80 pounds in two months in order to be considered for surgery. Although the episode does not go into detail about her subsequent trip, we do know that she went to the gym and shed additional weight, eventually reaching the 400-pound mark. As a result, Dr. Now took her seriously and approved the procedure.

Ashley has also sought counselling for her abuse issues and the weight of the past, in addition to working out. However, as expected, the weight loss path has required a lot of determination. She talked about how her mother’s cuisine made her want to relapse and return to her previous eating habits. In such situations, she would phone her buddy Tomorrow, who would arrive with nutritious food.

After all, losing weight is a lengthy and difficult process that requires the help of friends and family. Ashley B has been fortunate to have these support systems, but she is solely responsible for her weight loss. Her Facebook posts show that she has grown a lot more confident and that she has now taken up shooting, which makes her feel more independent.

Where is Ashley B From 'My 600-lb Life' today
source: Facebook

The rest is now in Ashley’s hands, but you can tell how much she enjoys shooting images of herself again, and she should be one of the season’s most intriguing makeovers.

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