Beverly Thompson Murder Case: Where is Douglas Thompson Today?

Beverly Thompson Murder

Beverly Thompson Murder: Where is Douglas Thompson Now? – Prosecutors believe that the 61-year-old owner of a south suburban liquor store solicited the help of an employee Friday to kill his wife in their Dyer home and make it look like a burglary, owing to thousands of dollars in recent gambling debts.

Beverly Thompson, 62, was killed by Douglas A. Thompson, 61, of 632 Hillside Drive, and his employee Reginald Coleman, 56, of 1945 Hart St. in Dyer. Thompson was discovered dead at 6 p.m. by her daughter. In the Hillside Drive house on Friday.

Beverly Thompson was brutally murdered at her home in Dyer, Indiana, and police searched for the perpetrator. They narrowed it down to her husband, Douglas Thompson, through interrogation, and physical evidence eventually linked him to the murder.

American Monster: Just Out of Frame,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, follows the investigation into Beverly’s death. We’ve got you covered if you’re curious about what transpired.

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How Did Beverly Thompson Die
Beverly Thompson with her husband Douglas Thompson

What Caused Beverly Thompson’s Death?

Beverly Thompson was born in Illinois and raised in Dyer. The 62-year-old met Douglas while they were both young, and they had been married for 41 years at the time of the occurrence. The couple had two daughters together and lived close to their respective families.

While Doug maintained a thriving neighborhood booze store, while Beverly owned a beauty salon. The family decided to eat supper together on April 9, 2010. Cheryl, the daughter, drove by Beverly and Doug’s house that evening only to discover her mother dead. Beverly was in a pool of blood and had sustained severe head damage.

In a brutal attack, the 62-year-old was hit at least ten times. Beverly’s hands were also injured, and she had some lacerations. While some jewellery was taken from the property, most other valuables, including a bag containing $1000 in cash, were left unharmed.

Who Killed Beverly Thompson
Beverly Thompson’s husband Douglas Thompson. Douglas was arrested in Beverly Thompson Murder.

Who Killed Beverly Thompson and Why?

The situation appeared to be setup to look like a burglary to the authorities. Nothing was disturbed within the drawers, which were left open. Other goods, such as the television, watches, and necklaces, remained at the house. The garage door was damaged; however, it was determined that the damage occurred when the door was open. The police began questioning the family at this time in order to learn more about what had occurred.

They discovered that Beverly had left her job at 3:30 p.m. on April 9, 2010 and had called her daughters on her way home. When questioned, Doug said that he arrived home before Beverly because he needed to pick up a few boxes for their daughter. Doug was with Reginald Coleman, an employee, at the time. He didn’t disclose meeting his wife in residence, according to the show. Doug claimed he was only there for a few minutes and then left.

When questioned, Reginald stated that they left the liquor store around 2:45 p.m. and headed to the Thompsons’ house. Douglas entered as Reginald waited in the garage, according to Douglas. Reginald recalls watching Beverly arrive home and going inside, according to the episode.

Then, CCTV footage from a nearby camera corroborated Reginald’s claims. Doug stayed in the house for around half an hour after she arrived before departing with Reginald in his pickup. Doug, on the other hand, initially said he was only inside for a few minutes.

Doug also placed two black garbage bags in the back of the truck before they left, according to Reginald. The authorities then searched Reginald’s home. Doug was the owner of this. Outside, there was a car registered to Doug’s company parked.

The officers then discovered a bag inside an air conditioner in the truck’s bed. There was some jewelery in that bag. The cops discovered another bag in the front yard with bloody stuff, including a pair of jeans, a shirt, and socks.

Where is Douglas Thompson Now
Doug was sentenced to 65 years in prison. Currently he is at the Pendleton Correctional Facility in Madison County, Indiana.

What Happened to Douglas Thompson and Where Is He Now?

Doug’s DNA was discovered on the garment, and the blood was positively identified as Beverly’s, tying him to the murder. While Reginald was initially suspected, the allegations against him were eventually withdrawn. Doug had also gambled away more than $60,000 in the weeks leading up to the murder, according to the authorities.

They thought he was trying to defraud the insurance company with the jewels, according to the show. When Beverly arrived, however, there was an altercation, which led to Doug attacking her. The detectives then assumed Doug placed the bags where they were subsequently discovered. Despite Doug’s denials that he had anything to do with the murder, he was convicted guilty of killing his wife in November 2011.

Doug was sentenced to 65 years in prison the following month, at the age of 63. He is still detained at the Pendleton Correctional Facility in Madison County, Indiana, according to prison records. Doug is set to be free in 2042.

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