Did ‘Chad and JT’ Really Get Canceled in Real-Life?

Did Chad and JT Get Canceled in Real Life

Did Chad and JT Get Canceled in Real Life? – The comedy series Chad and JT Go Deep, which will debut on Netflix on August 23rd, was recently announced. The show’s hosts, Chad Kroeger and JT Parr, are well known in California for their comic activism.

When Kroeger and Parr take their activism to the streets of Southern California to raise awareness about problems that matter to them, Chad and JT Go Deep follow them.

The plot of “Chad and JT Go Deep” centres on two titular “activists” from Southern California who aim to make the world a better place by educating people about various critical issues, such as the advantages of perineum sunbathing and the injustices that e-scooter riders endure.

Additionally, they frequently attend Southern California town council meetings to advocate for their issues. They have a big social media following thanks to their activism. However, they are cancelled by internet users following a mistake that anybody might have made. Here is all the information you require. 

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Were Chad and JT Canceled

Did Chad and JT Get Canceled in Real Life?

In the premiere episode, “A Major Faux Pas,” Chad and JT, the Stoke Lords of Southern California, vow to battle for the liberty and security of skateboarders and launch a campaign in Orange County while wearing a white t-shirt that reads, “Protect Our Boarders.” 

Chad and JT eagerly halt a man who is skating past them while sporting a nearly identical white t-shirt because they think he supports their cause. The activists ignore the fact that his shirt says “Protect Our Borders,” believing it to be a typo. They capture a snapshot of themselves with the man and share it on social media.

They soon lose the chance to deliver a speech at the Ragers, which DJ Jedd is hosting in Las Vegas, and the event is called off. Finally, motivated by Mia Toretto’s quotes from the “Fast and Furious” movies, they commit to their activism in an effort to find atonement.

Although “Chad and JT Go Deep” is advertised as a documentary series in the note that appears at the beginning of the programme, it is actually a prank comedy programme shot in a mockumentary style. Viral comedians Chad Kroeger and JT Parr often use surfer dude avatars in their practical joke films. They interact with regular individuals who, at least initially, are unaware that they are being pranked. This covers the officials Chad and JT deal with when attending council meetings.

Not even the comedian’s real name is Chad Kroeger. It’s Tom Allen. With a video of them pleading with the San Clemente City Council to erect a statue of the late “Fast and Furious” actor Paul Walker, who perished in a vehicle accident in 2013, he and John Thomas Parr became internet sensations for the first time in 2017.

JT discussed their work in a 2022 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s in the lineage of man-on-the-street stuff, but we try to keep it open-minded and optimistic when we deal with people,” he said. “There are times where I know someone will say something boneheaded, but we try to leave it up to them as to which direction it goes. I just want it to be, like, as close to a real conversation as you can get.”

They purposefully make the t-shirts they wear for the “Protect Our Boarders” campaign resemble “Protect Our Borders” t-shirts to attract Orange County citizens who support strict border controls and the expulsion of illegal immigrants. Therefore, the entire event is a sophisticated skit, and Chad and JT are not fired as a result.

Executive producing the show are Dave Kneebone, Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Daniel Lucchesi, Allen, and Parr. Abso Lutely Productions produce the programme.

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